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Best Blue Marlin Fishing Destinations

Best Blue Marlin Fishing Destinations

Blue Marlin are one of the fish on every angler’s list. They are fun and feisty and give a show of dancing and leaping on and out of the water, and some of them, known as Granders, can be over 1000 pounds. Blue Marlin are elusive, but there are spots worldwide where they are found in larger numbers throughout the year. Here is a list of the best locations on the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and the very best time to plan your vacation to land one of these beasts. This list is in no particular order; they are each the best for their own reasons.


When people think of Marlin fishing in Australia, everyone thinks of Cairn in Northeastern Queensland right on the Great Barrier Reef. Cairn is probably the best place in the world for Black Marlin and still an excellent place for big Blue Marlin, but Exmouth on the opposite side of Australia is quickly making a name for giant Blue Marlin fishing. So why is Exmouth becoming the new name in Aussie Marlin fishing?

This all places Exmouth as one of the emerging fisheries in the world and one of the top fisheries in Australia. Prime season is October – March, but the Blue Marlin are in numbers year-round.

Kona, Hawaii

Considered by many as the best place in the world for Marlin fishing, Kona on the big island of Hawaii has big Blue Marlin literally right off the coast. Many of the Granders are hooked two to five miles offshore, and big game fishing starts less than 1/2 mile from shore.

So why is Kona the best?

In Kona, the Blue Marlin are found year-round, but the best time is summer, from May to October, with July and August as the peak season.

Cape Verde

Looking for some of the best chances with a Blue Marlin, then look no further than Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a small island nation located off the coast of Senegal in Northwestern Africa. It has become one of the best Blue Marlin fishing destinations globally, but why?
The Blue Marlin season is between March and August, but you can see them patrolling the waters year-round.

Cabo San Lucas

A town with the reputation of “The Marlin Capital of the World” you know has to be a destination for all anglers. Located on the tip of the Baja peninsula, it has many options for fishing. You can go east to the Sea of Cortez; you can go west along the coast towards Magdelena Bay or head out to the Pacific Ocean. No matter where your captain takes you, you will find fish year-round. Cabo San Lucas is consistently ranked in the world’s top ten fisheries. But why?

All of this makes Cabo San Lucas a must on every angler’s bucket list. For Blue and Black Marlin, the season is June through late October/early November.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is slowly becoming known as a destination for all anglers worldwide.  This is because of three areas that are Blue Marlin hotspots; Punta Cana/Cap Cana, Puerto Plata, and Bayahibe.  But why are these three areas such great spots for Marlin?

Punta Cana/Cap Cana

Puerto Plata


The Dominican Republic is a fisherman’s paradise, and during the months of March – October, the chance of your first Marlin is good, and during the peak season June – October, it is greater than most places around the world.

The Puerto Rico Trench

A few islands in the Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean are famous for their Blue Marlin Fishing. All of them fall on or near the Puerto Rico Trench. The deepest place in the Atlantic Ocean at a maximum depth of 28,734 feet. It is the depth of the trench, not all the way down, but the wall that the trench makes on all of these islands that produce some of the best Marlin fishing in the world.

St. Thomas USVI

St. Thomas is one of the U.S. Virgin Island chain islands located just east of Puerto Rico. Situated just north of the trench, it is known throughout the world as one of the premier Blue Marlin fishing spots. The island has two main fishing areas; The North Drop and The South Drop. The North Drop is 20 miles north and east of the island, while the South Drop is much closer, only 8 miles south of the harbor. So why is St. Thomas such a great place to come for Marlin fishing?

The North Drop

The North Drop is a 10-mile stretch where the Puerto Rico Trench takes a 90-degree turn to the north. From the depths of the Ocean floor, cold water circulates, bringing plankton and small baitfish to the surface. The presence of the baitfish attracts the larger pelagic fish like Blue and White Marlin, Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna.

The South Drop

The South Drop is not as deep as the North Drop at only 12,000 ft. It also brings smaller baitfish that the Blue Marlin loves to eat up.
Other Notable Features
All of this makes the waters around St. Thomas some of the best Blue Marlin grounds in the world. The season for the Blues here is from May to October, with the most active times before and after each full moon.

The British Virgin Islands

The BVI’s are a chain of islands just west of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Because of its location, it is one of the best spots on the planet for Blue Marlin fishing. But there are a few differences between the U.S. Virgin Islands and the BVI’s.

Like St. Thomas, the Blue Marlin season the British Virgin Islands is from May to October and before and after the full moons are the best time to fish for big Marlin. FADs have not been implemented, but there are plans to add them to the waters, making the BVI’s much more desirable when it comes to landing Blue Marlin.

Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is large and has many areas besides just the Puerto Rico Trench to fish at. It is voted in the top ten sites in the world for Marlin fishing by many prestigious magazines and websites. Why is that? Why is fishing so good?

Marlin can be found year-round, but the best time to catch one is from June to November, with your very best chances from August to October.

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