About Travelfish

At Travelfish, we help people find their next fishing destination and connect them to the best fishing charter for absolutely no cost to the traveler or guide.

Valuable Information

Our platform offers valuable information on things to do, best times to go fishing, fish species, travel tips, fishing guide profiles, weather, and reviews from people from all across the globe who love to share their experiences.

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Every fishing guide on Travelfish was hand-selected for their excellence in their profession and passed our Quality Assured Checklist. In addition, we researched each fishing guide for you, saving you time by combing through hundreds of listings and reviews.

Trust Matters

Reputation manipulation is a growing problem. It’s not uncommon for a business to use deceptive practices to improve its image or gain more exposure on listing websites. At Travelfish, we’ve gone to great lengths to safeguard against deceptive practices.