Popular Fishing Destinations in Australia



Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is a fantastic destination for a charter fishing vacation. From Moreton Bay to Caloundra the waters off Brisbane are loaded with big game fish. You can even find a large number of game fish in the Brisbane River, including Marlin, Sailfish, Snapper, Cobia, Black Kingfish, Yellowtail, King Fish, Amberjack, Tuna, Shark, Dolphin Fish, Tusk Fish, Parrot Fish, and Sampson Fish. Many other fish species inhabit the inner and outer reef systems such as Snapper, Amberjack, Pearl Perch, Dolphin Fish, Marlin, Sweetlip, Sailfish, Parrotfish and Cobia. And the deep blue offshore waters host giants such as black, blue and striped marlin, tuna, cobia, kingfish, dolphinfish (mahi-mahi), sailfish and wahoo. There are enough species, locations, and fishing techniques used in Brisbane to keep any angler happy almost indefinitely! Brisbane has everything you could want in a fishing destination: friendly local people, gorgeous scenery, and lots and lots of fish! Take a holiday from the everyday and come fish Brisbane.


Capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, or Top End, Darwin offers anglers unique and exciting fishing opportunities in a picturesque and unspoiled landscape. In Darwin, the mighty Barramundi is king, and hands down the most popular fishing target. But fishing in Darwin offers even more excitement. Trevally, Black Jewfish, Spanish mackerel, Queenfish, Snapper, and other reef fish species inhabit the pristine waters of Darwin Harbor. Darwin and the Northern Territories boast miles of unspoiled coastline and great fishing opportunities. For a peaceful and rewarding charter fishing vacation without crowds or distractions, you can’t find a better destination than Darwin, Australia.


The main fishing grounds of Melbourne are on the massive Port Phillip Bay, nearly half a million acres of marine wonderland. Fishing the Bay is popular year round, with Snapper being the most highly targeted species. In fact, Melbourne is home to some of the finest Snapper fishing in the world. Other popular species include the very tasty King George whiting, Australian salmon (a type of kingfish), gummy shark, mako shark, mulloway, elephant fish, and southern bluefin tuna in the deeper offshore waters. Great fishing is just 15-30 minutes offshore in Melbourne; less travel time means more action. A beautiful, modern metropolis, Melbourne has much to offer as a vacation destination, including lots of great charter fishing.


Sydney boasts Australia’s largest population; of both people and sport fish! The stunning waters of Sydney Harbor, Bondi Beach, and beyond are host to countless species of sport fish, including some of the best marlin fishing in the world. Sydney’s summers, from November through May, invite huge numbers of striped, black, and giant blue marlin to the warm waters offshore. Catches of massive blue marlin over 500 pounds have been recorded, and rumors of 1000 pound monsters lurking in the deep bring avid fishermen out year after year. Other great big game fish species include yellowfin tuna, Dolphinfish (mahi-mahi), Bonito, and sharks. Sydney has an extensive reef system as well that offers awesome year-round fishing for Kingfish, snapper, jewfish, trevally, mackerel tuna, morwong, leatherjackets…the list goes on. Sydney is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for so many reasons, including world class fishing.

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