Located at the southern end of Mexico’s famous “Mexican Riviera” stretch of Pacific coastline resorts, Acapulco is well known for its party atmosphere, popular beaches, fantastic scuba and snorkeling, world-class hotels, fabulous gourmet restaurants, and top rated fishing. Acapulco’s sailfishing is world renowned. Whatever your budget, Acapulco has a vacation for you. From some of Mexico’s most luxurious resort hotels, to modest budget accommodations, spectacular 5 star dining, to simple local beach fare there is something to appeal to all travelers in Acapulco, Mexico. Acapulco’s huge state of the art night clubs are legendary world wide and people are always ready to party all night long in Acapulco!

During the daytime, water sports abound with scuba, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, beachcombing, water skiing, jet skiing and more available at virtually every beach. Don’t miss the world famous cliff divers at La Quebrada. Truly a breathtaking spectacle, these professional cliff divers will amaze and entertain even at night when they frequently dive while carrying torches! Enjoy testing your bargaining skills at the many artisans and souvenir shops in Acapulco featuring Mexican crafts, sombreros, and other gifts that are typical of resort Mexico. Many shopping areas do not post prices, so bargaining is a must! Acapulco’s Juan Alvarez International Airport is served by several major airlines including: American, Continental, Northwest, America West, and Mexicana, making Acapulco easily accessible through many major American and Mexican cities.

Sailfish and dorado (mahi-mahi) are year round residents of Acapulco Bay, and the sailfishing is world famous. Other large billfish are seasonally common and include black and blue marlin. Yellowfin tuna, and dorado(mahi-mahi), and several shark varieties are other common deep sea catches. Inshore fishing species include roosterfish, bonito, jack Crevalle, and Spanish mackerel(sierra).

From November to June, the weather in Acapulco averages in the high 80’s with little or no chance of rain which makes for great fishing opportunities. Sailfish love the warm waters of Acapulco and are caught year round with the most strikes occurring from November to March. Dorado (mahi-mahi) is also caught year-round, but the warm waters from September to March are best for multiple strikes. Yellowfin tuna peaks in April through August. Blue, white, and black marlin activity peaks in April, May, and June with the black marlin coming in closer to shore than the blue and white. Shark fishing is available year-round. Winter and spring are fantastic time for jack Crevalle. Wahoo is best fished in winter while Spanish mackerel (sierra) is found year round.

Although Acapulco is most famous for its nightlife, the fishing is truly world class and not to be missed. Sailfish are the trademark species and it is said that it is almost impossible not to catch a sailfish when fishing in Acapulco, Mexico! If you want to experience the world’s best sail fishing and the world’s best nightlife, Acapulco, Mexico is the fishing destination for you.

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