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Top Rated Fishing Charters in Kona


When most anglers think of fishing in Hawaii, only one word comes to their mind, KONA! That is because Kona is one of the best places for you to reel in a really giant Blue Marlin, Tuna, Black Marlin, and so many more trophy and tasty fish. Kona is also famous for its dedicated Kona fishing charters and the experienced and professional captains and crew that take you out to experience thrills and excitement no matter where you fish.

Kona is one of the best sportfishing spots in the world because not only are the most popular sport fish in the world available all year round in the Hawaiian azure waters but to get to them is not an hour drive to the fishing grounds. Here the ocean seabed drops dramatically just a mile offshore to depths of 1000’s of feet, allowing you the opportunity to hook up with trophy fish like the Blue, Striped and Black Marlin, Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna), Mahi Mahi, Ono (Wahoo), Opah (Moonfish) and other hard-hitting adrenaline-pumping fish during an excursion with your Kona fishing charter. The beauty is because the fishing grounds are so close you do not have to be on the water all day, that is unless you want to, and with fishing as good as it gets, let’s face it, why would you ever want to go back to land.? Kona also has a very fertile reef system that boasts a variety of the fish you want to have end up on your dining table tonight. Large Snapper and Grouper are the most prevalent edible delectable, but there are also Amberjack, Alamoco Jack, Mahi Mahi Wahoo(Ono) and more.

With so many billfish congregating in one place, you know that there will be tournaments for you to watch as a spectator or participate as a contestant. All of Kona’s local captains and guides are knowledgeable and competitive, so you will not need to worry about anything but your strength and stamina as you go against the monsters of the sea. You will be in for a battle of your life trying to reel in the big one as it dances on and leaps out of the water, making your heart pound fast and your face smile with excitement. If you want a vacation that will bring you to a beautiful locale where you will find the best and biggest fish, there are few other places that compare to Kona’s sheer numbers, ideal water depths, and magnificent physical features.