Homer is a small town on the Kenai Penisula and one of the best fishing towns in the world. It is known as “The Halibut Capital of the World” because it is where you come to go hunt monster Halibut. Anglers from all over the world come to Homer to take a Homer Fishing Charter out and try to land a “Barn Door” Halibut, one over five ft. and weighs 100 pounds.

Along with the giant Halibut, there are many other fish in the waters of Homer. You can find five types of Salmon, Cod, Lingcod and Rockfish.
Halibut are found nearshore but are smaller chicken halibut, ranging up to three ft. in size and rarely over 50 pounds. These are the ones you want to catch for eating, the “Door Mat” Halibut are for trophy photos, but the meat is not as tasty.

Homer is located on Ketchamak Bay, an excellent fishery for Halibut. The Bay leads to the Cook Inlet, where many charters head towards. North of the city is Anchor Point, and just a half hour from there is the main fishery. Wherever you go around Homer, you are almost sure to reach your limit of two Halibut, and charters come back with hundreds of pounds of Halibut each day. In some instances, the price tag of your catch, once it is processed, is more than your charter cost.

Halibut may be king here in Homer, but it is hardly the only fish sought after here. King and Silver Salmon reach giant sizes, and during the summer, all five Pacific Salmon can be reeled in. The daily limit for King and Silver Salmon are two King and three Silver per day and a total of 6 Salmon of all species. Rockfish and Lingcod, both with limits of 5 per day, are also plentiful and are a welcome catch when going for Halibut or Salmon.

The majority of charters in Alaska are here. Private charters are available, especially if you have a large group or a family that might want to go in earlier than the deadline. But shared charters are available too. There are also not many 4-hour trips, and most charters are 8 hours and up, with some anglers opting for more extended charters to try to land a record “Barn Door.”

Homer is only a short plane ride from Anchorage or Seward. Or you can take a drive from Anchorage, where you can experience the beauty of the Kenai Penisula. You should stop along the way and try your luck fishing on some of the very fertile rivers that run through the peninsula. Once in Homer, you will find a large fleet of Homer Fishing Charters waiting to take you for a memorable day on the water. Homer is a not to miss stop for all anglers!

You need to know that Alaska has many limits and seasons in all state regions. The fishing captain of your Homer Fishing Charter will know all of these rules and regulations. However, if you are going it alone, you must know and follow all the rules and regulations. You will need a license for fresh and saltwater, and if you are targeting King Salmon, you need a tag too.

Fishing Destinations Near Homer, AK.

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