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Located on the Southeastern side of the Kenai Peninsula is Seward, Alaska. Its beauty, with its snowcapped mountains, is second to none, but so is its fishing. If you are seeking a thrilling seawater fishing adventure full of action, then Seward may be the place you are looking for. Seward is known as the “Saltwater Sport Fishing Capital of Alaska,” and for good reasons. The waters off the coast in Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska are teeming with life and fish. Giant Pacific Halibut, King Salmon (Chinook), Silver Salmon (Coho), Rockfish, Lingcod and sharks all call these waters home throughout the year.

Many charters leave the Seward Harbor on the way to Resurrection Bay. These half and full-day charters are perfect for those who want to go out and fish but do not want to go too far out with heavy seas. You can still catch all the fish you are looking for; King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Halibut (although usually in the 15-20 lb. range), Rockfish and Lingcod. The Bay gets deep, 972 feet (296 m), near the coast with many deep coves, like Thumb, Humpy, Bulldog, and Pony. The Bay is stocked with both King and Silver Salmon fry, which return each year in the spring. Resurrection bay has the largest Silver (Coho) fishery in the Pacific Northwest. Other Salmon make their way into the Bay; Pink or Hump, Red or Sockeye and Chum or Dog all can be caught, but these cases are much rarer.

Some anglers opt to go outside the Bay into the Gulf of Alaska and even to Prince Williams Sound and Montegue Island. The charters going out to these locations are at least full day and for longer distances extended or overnight. Overnight charters are great because you can double your limit. And for those brave enough to face the elements, the rewards can be many. Deep down, this is where the “Door Mat” Pacific Halibut live. Hooking into one of these beasts is a real test of endurance. They give up a fight, but mostly it is dragging a monster up from the depths, which will have your muscles burning and your adrenaline spiking. Huge Rockfish and Lingcod are also found out here, as are Dogfish Sharks. This is not for the novice angler, but for those who want to experience real Alaska fishing, this cannot be beat.

Seward is a small town with a big heart. It has many murals throughout the city and is known as the “Mural Capital of Alaska” and one of the top cities to visit. It is the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.” and all of its beauty, and it is also the gateway to some of the best fishing in Alaska.

You need to know that Alaska has many limits and seasons in all state regions. The fishing captain of your Seward Fishing Charter will know all of these rules and regulations. If you are going it alone, you must know and follow all the rules and regulations. You will need a license for fresh and saltwater, and if you are targeting King Salmon, you need a tag too.

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