The Best of Miami Sword Fishing with Top Gun Fishing

Captain Nel of Top Gun Charters in Miami specializes in fishing for Swordfish. The Gulf Stream off Miami’s coast is perfect for hunting these giants.

Are you looking for a fun and exhilarating fishing trip? Come to Miami aboard the Top Gun or Top Gun II with Captain Nel for a day or night battling one of the largest fish in the sea, the Swordfish.

Captain Nel has been fishing the Gulf Stream waters off the Miami coast for many years and has tried and true methods for catching these strong fish.

When you plan a Swordfish trip with Captain Nel, you can choose a day trip or a night trip. Each trip has different methods for catching and reeling in one of these beasts.

Day Fishing: Deep Dropping

Night Fishing

Getting fish over the 200 lb. range is more of a regular occurrence during the day, while it is only sometimes achieved at night. The fish in the daytime tend to be larger and put up more of a fight. They can get to be extremely big, over 600 pounds in size, but fish around the 200 lb. range is more of a regular occurrence during the day. At night they are smaller on average, in the 100-pound range, but even these smaller fish pack a punch as Swordfish are one of the quickest fish in the sea and one of the strongest too. You will feel it in the morning after a day of fishing for these beasts.

Aboard either the original Top Gun, a 41′ Hatteras Sportfishing Yacht or the Top Gun II, a 45’ Hatteras Sportfishing Yacht, you will be ready to fish. This is because both boats have been designed for fishing with plenty of room for six anglers. They have all the latest fish-finding and navigation equipment and the use of the finest Daiwa reels and custom rods.

Captain Nel has been fishing the waters off the Miami coast his entire life. He and his experienced crew are ready to take you on a trip of a lifetime, checking off one of the many items on your angler’s bucket list. You might also run into some giant sharks

Top Gun Fishing

Captain Rob has been fishing of Boston for over 25 years and knows where the fish are and some of his secret spots to go. You are going to have an exciting day aboard the CJ Victoria and bring home loads of fish.
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