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Spring Fishing Seasons Lake Tahoe

Spring Fishing Seasons Lake Tahoe

Spring in Lake Tahoe is beautiful. The snow is starting to slow down, it is warming up, flowers are in bloom, and most of the fish in the lake are active and ready to take your hook. In these spring months on the lake from March 1st- May 31st, the water temperature average is between 42 degrees in March to 50 degrees in May. This is the perfect temperature to bring the big fish staying in the depths to the surface.

Lake Tahoe Spring Mackinaw Fishing

For Mackinaw, or as they are also called Lake Trout, the optimal temperature they desire is 52 degrees or colder. This means that the larger fish, between 8 – 20 pounds, tend to come up to feed on smaller fish that also come up to the surface once the cold summer is over. Smaller Macks are found in the deeper waters 150 – 300 feet down, but their numbers are greater as they are traveling in schools, so the chance of hooking them is greater too. But most anglers are trying to reel in a laker, the big ones that lurk near the surface. The Mackinaw goes back to the lake’s deeper parts when the weather gets better, and the water temperature rises.
Just as large Macks go closer to the surface to feed, so too do large Rainbow and Brown Trout. These trout like water temperatures from 40 degrees to 67 degrees, so the temperature is ideal in these months. The Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and Brook Trout also enjoy these water temperatures, but they are both more elusive and mostly stay near the rivers and streams.

Lake Tahoe Spring Bass Fishing

Bass season heats up on the lake in spring. They are found mainly in the shallows around Tahoe Keys on the south shore. May is their spawning season and the best time to land large ones. The spring is also an excellent time for Crappie and Bluegills as they become active after a dormant winter. Spring brings many visitors to Tahoe. It is also the time to go on a charter to the lake to catch a trophy, Mackinaw, Rainbow Trout, and, if lucky, Brown Trout too. They have been waiting for the warmer temperatures, and so have happy anglers from around the world.

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