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Boca Grande Fishing with Salty Jaw Charters

Boca Grande Fishing with Salty Jaw Charters

Salty Jaw Charters is one of the top fishing charters in the Boca Grande area of the southwestern coast of Florida. The company offers a range of fishing charters, including nearshore fishing charters. Captain Jesse Byle is an expert in the waters off the coast of Boca Grande, which are home to reefs and other structures located just a few miles offshore.

Nearshore fishing with Salty Jaw Charters is an excellent activity for anglers of all ages. They have both half-day and full-day options. However, if you are prone to seasickness or have small children, you may prefer the less wavy options of inshore fishing and tarpon fishing at the pass and inside Charlotte Harbor. On the other hand, those who dare to venture out to the reefs and wrecks will be rewarded with fantastic fishing opportunities.

When you go on a fishing trip with Captain Jesse, you will have the opportunity to catch various types of fish, such as Lane, Yellowtail, and Mangrove Snapper, Gag, Red and Goliath Grouper, King and Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Triple Tail, Barracuda, Permit, Amberjacks, and some species of Sharks. You may also encounter Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish, and Mahi Mahi in the reefs.

Snapper is the name given to a group of fish that come in many species and sizes. During nearshore trips, you may encounter Lane, Yellowtail and Mangrove Snapper. Lane Snapper are small in size and feed on various types of fish that live on or near the bottom. Yellowtail Snapper are also small and usually weigh less than five pounds. They are named after the bright yellow stripe that runs from their mouth to the tail. Mangrove Snapper are the smallest of the three, rarely growing larger than 18 inches. All Snapper fish are highly sought-after because of their delicious, white, flaky meat.

The targeted groupers come in many sizes, some being larger than others. Gag Grouper, on average, measures 20 inches in length and weighs 30 pounds. Red Grouper are smaller, with average sizes ranging between 5 and 10 pounds. On the other hand, Goliath Groupers, as their name suggests, are massive. They have an average length of 8 feet and 800 pounds. Goliath Grouper cannot be harvested under any circumstances and are strictly catch and release. All other Grouper are prized catches and are as delicious as Snapper.

King Mackerel are highly sought-after fish due to their aggressive behavior and incredible speed. They are the largest of the Mackerel family, can reach a size of 5.5 feet, and weigh over 100 pounds. On the other hand, Spanish Mackerel are much smaller, with an average weight of only 12 pounds, but they are still incredibly fast and fun to catch. Mackerel is a type of fatty fish packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, just like salmon. Additionally, they are very delicious too.

Cobia are large predatory fish that can weigh up to 70 kg and grow to lengths of 1.8 m. They are great fish to eat and provide an exciting catch. Triple Tail usually weigh between 2 to 8 pounds and are also a fun fish to catch. They are known for their aggressive behavior and excellent taste. Barracudas are ferocious fish with sharp teeth that can bite through fishing lines. They are carnivorous and can be consumed, but eating too much of them can be toxic. Permits are often mistaken for the smaller Pompano as they both have a silvery color. However, Permits are much larger, with an average weight of 30 – 40 pounds. They are a great catch and provide a delicious meal. Amberjacks are known for their strength and can put up a fight like a freight train. Greater Amberjacks have an average weight of 40-60 pounds. The sharks found near the shores of Boca Grande include Hammerhead, Black Tip, Bull, Lemon, Spinner, Sandbar, Sharpnose and Nurse sharks.

Fishing with Salty Jaw Charters nearshore in Boca Grande is an exciting activity. Boca Grande fishing is one of the most consistent fishing opportunities in Florida. Whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first time fishing, Captain Jesse and his crew will take great care of you. Boca Grande is well-known for its inshore and Tarpon fishing. Salty Jaw Charters offers charters for both that are sure to thrill any angler.

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