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Tradewind Charters specializes in private sailing and reef fishing charters in Honolulu, Hawaii, perfect for families and groups seeking a diverse ocean experience. With over two decades of experience, these charters are designed for creating memorable family moments.

The reef fishing trips are a blend of fishing, sightseeing, and observing local sea life in Hawaii’s tranquil waters. Located just 25 minutes from the harbor, the fishing spots above the reefs are ideal for catching Gray Triggerfish and other small reef species using light spinning tackle for a catch-and-release approach. Guests often get to see sea turtles, monk seals, and eagle rays in these waters.

For the sailing experience, Tradewind Charters provides a 43-foot Jeanneau yacht, powered by a 75HP Yanmar engine. This yacht is equipped with the necessary safety features and electronics to enhance the fishing experience. Anchored in crystal clear waters of 15 – 25 feet depth, it allows for great underwater visibility.

Tradewind Charters also offers a variety of other sea adventures. Whether it’s sailing across the ocean’s surface or snorkeling below, they can accommodate a range of water activities. In addition to their adventure services, they provide event hosting and catering options. This flexibility makes Tradewind Charters an ideal choice for those looking to combine adventure with celebration or corporate events.

Their fleet of luxury yachts ensures comfort and privacy, equipped with top-tier fishing gear for safety and a better fishing experience. Tradewind Charters can also arrange catering, refreshments, and various transportation options for an additional fee, enhancing the overall experience. With their commitment to personalized service, Captain Ken and his team aim to showcase the beauty and excitement of Hawaii’s oceanic activities.



Google Reviews

59 reviews
  • Marisol Ko
    Marisol Ko
    2 weeks ago

    Mikey and Diego were a fantastic crew to be with to celebrate our party! Thank you for the safe adventure

  • J Dawley
    J Dawley
    11 months ago

    Hands down the best part of our trip. We had a blast on My Sunshine, snorkeled with incredible fish and yes, even turtles, and sailed for the first time. The memories made will last a lifetime, thank you!

  • Mo
    3 weeks ago

    Wes and Marcelo guided us through the ocean and near the city view. They are great hosts!

  • Dave R
    Dave R
    2 years ago

    Wife and I went on the sunset cruise (2 hrs) on My Sunshine. Captain Wes met us at the pier door and welcomed us aboard. Quick safety review and we were off. Sails went up right after pulling out of port and with a decent wind were off. Captain Wes was very personable and pointed out several things around the island while we were under sail. Would highly recommend this (they can handle up to 6 people on this boat).

  • Kate O Brien
    Kate O Brien
    2 years ago

    Captain Nate showed us an absolutely brilliant time on the Tradewinds chartered sailboat. We got to swim with turtles and fish, sail the seas, see diamond head from a beautiful scenic angle and even had the fortune of dolphins swimming alongside our boat. He was extremely professional but still made the trip out really fun playing great music to get us in to the spirit, showing us the best spots to see turtles and even served us delicious Mai-tai’s. We loved it so much we went out on his boat twice in one week. Highly recommend!!!

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