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Welcome to Smokin Reel Charters, the ultimate choice for the New Jersey fishing experience. Based in Neptune City, we are renowned for our access to the best inshore and offshore waters along the East Coast. Our skilled captain and crew are dedicated to making your fishing trip unforgettable, whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned angler, or a family group seeking a fun day out. With us, you can chase after the most prized fish and enjoy the ocean’s beauty, all while having a blast!

Meet Captain Rob Siciliano, the owner of Smokin Reel Charters and a true fishing enthusiast. With a lifelong passion for the water, Captain Rob has turned his expertise into a successful career, offering the best quality service for inshore and offshore fishing. He is a knowledgeable and accommodating teacher who specializes in a variety of fishing techniques and ensures that every client, even families with children, enjoys a thrilling and unforgettable fishing adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started in the sport, Captain Rob, along with his talented first mates, has everything you need to make some lasting memories on the water.

Step aboard the Smokin Reel Charters’ 28′ Albemarle boat and experience the ultimate fishing adventure. Built specifically for the choppy waters off the Jersey Shore, the vessel is powered by twin 325 HP Mercruiser engines, capable of hitting a cruising speed of 25 mph. With up to 6 guests, the boat is fully equipped with all USCG-approved safety equipment, including a CPR-trained crew. It also features top-of-the-line electronic navigation and fish finder equipment for efficient and successful fishing. Comfort is not compromised, as the boat has an enclosed toilet and two V bunk beds.

We target a variety of species inshore, in the wrecks and reefs and up to 40 miles offshore. Some of these prized fish include Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, Tautog (Blackfish), Summer Flounder (Fluke), Bluefish and more inshore. And for the thrill-seekers, Mako Sharks, Bluefin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi can be caught offshore. Other offshore catches are Atlantic Cod, Little Tunny(False Albacore) and Lingcod. No matter what species you’re after, Smokin Reel Charters provides a thrilling and exciting fishing experience.

Smokin Reel Charters employs diverse fishing techniques to ensure the best catch. Their crew has extensive experience in light and heavy tackle, bottom fishing, trolling, drift fishing, and jigging. Their boat is equipped with outriggers for effective trolling, and live bait is readily available to entice bites. With their wealth of local knowledge, they know exactly what to do to get prized sportfish to bite.

We offer a variety of fishing experiences to suit every angler’s preference. Inshore trips range from 4 to 8 hours, targeting Striper, Black Sea Bass, and Fluke. The Inshore Striper trip is perfect for those looking to catch these prized fish using various techniques. The Inshore Blackfish trip will have you anchoring up on wrecks for some great action. If offshore fishing is more your style, the Offshore Tuna trip is an excellent choice for a maximum of 4 anglers. And don’t miss out on the chance to catch a Shark during the season (April 1 – December 31)! Overall, We promise a thrilling and unforgettable fishing adventure for all.

Here at Smokin Reel Charters, we have got you covered for your perfect fishing trip. With rods, reels, and tackle provided, along with live bait and lures, you’ll be reeling them in all day long! Don’t worry about fishing licenses, as we have that covered too. To ensure a comfortable and safe trip, bring weather-appropriate clothing, non-slip shoes, sunglasses, and a hat for sunny days or a raincoat on stormy days. Remember your camera to capture the memories of the legendary catch you’ll make with us. Our knowledgeable crew will take care of cleaning and packaging your catch for you when we get back to the docks.

Smokin Reel Charters is the perfect family-friendly fishing trip provider on the East Coast, suitable for anglers of all levels. The charters offer versatile trips with a wide range of fishing options, from Fluke, Shark, and more on the reefs, wrecks, inshore and offshore waters up to 40 miles out. Bottom fishing and trolling are the most effective ways to catch some of the East Coast’s most prized sport fish. Whether you’re a Tuna or Striped Bass Fishing enthusiast, Smokin Reel Charters has tailored trips to suit your needs. Enjoy a day full of fun and bring home delicious fish while exploring some of the best fishing spots on the Jersey shore.


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