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Seward Harbor is a bustling hub of maritime activity. As one of the premier harbors in the state, it serves as a gateway to the stunning waters of Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park. With its strategic location, Seward Harbor offers visitors and locals a wealth of opportunities for recreational boating, fishing, wildlife spotting, and exploring the area’s pristine natural beauty.

The harbor boasts a rich history, a dynamic fishing industry, and a range of amenities, making it a popular destination for maritime enthusiasts and nature lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor, an avid angler, or simply seeking a serene coastal experience, Seward Harbor is sure to captivate you with its charm and maritime allure.

Seward Harbor is a bustling port in Alaska that accommodates different types of vessels, including commercial fishing boats and tour and charter fishing boats. The harbor offers transient slips for visitors who wish to dock temporarily. The overnight slip cost ranges from $12 to $14 per night. Seward Harbor also provides disposal tanks for up to 5 gallons of waste. Boaters are advised to secure their slips in advance to ensure availability.

Additionally, it is recommended for boaters to consider additional measures, such as using anchor buoys for added protection. Seward Harbor is a premier port and underwent significant renovations in 2000 to improve accessibility. It is also certified as the second Alaska Clean Harbor, reflecting its commitment to maintaining high standards.

Seward is famous for fishing, and the harbor has many fishing and tour charters, drawing in enthusiasts and nature lovers worldwide. The port is a gateway to the bountiful waters of the Gulf of Alaska, where anglers can experience some of the best fishing opportunities in the region.

Fishing charters at Seward Boat Harbor cater to both seasoned anglers and novices. With a knowledgeable captain and crew on board, these charters provide a memorable experience for visitors of all skill levels. Whether you’re targeting salmon, halibut, rockfish, or lingcod, the waters surrounding Seward offer many species to reel in.

Tour charters at Seward Boat Harbor offer a different perspective, allowing visitors to explore the stunning coastline and witness abundant marine life. From the comfort of a boat, you can embark on a guided tour that showcases the breathtaking beauty of Alaska’s glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. Glacier tours are a highlight of Seward Harbor’s tour charters.

These excursions take you up close to magnificent glaciers, where you can witness their sheer size and marvel at the mesmerizing blue hues of the ice. Some tours even offer the opportunity to see calving, where chunks of ice break off and crash into the water with a thunderous roar.

There is a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs of boaters and visitors. The harbor is a full-service port with 50-ton and 330-ton Travel Lifts, a 5,000-ton Syncrolift, and vessel repair yards. Boaters can take advantage of the potable water and power utilities available at the harbor. Additionally, there are amenities like fueling stations, boat repair services, moorage options, waste stations, and free public WIFI. Restrooms, showers, and fish cleaning stations are also provided for the convenience of visitors. Conveniently located at the harbor is the Harbor 360 Hotel.

Amenities include free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, a work desk, a phone, individually controlled air conditioning, and an iron and ironing board. The hotel also offers a complimentary breakfast with a variety of warm and cold items, as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the premises and features an indoor pool and hot tub. Surrounding the harbor are hardware stores, grocery stores, art galleries, restaurants, and more hotels, offering easy access to various amenities.

Seward Harbor stands as a premier destination for boaters and fishing enthusiasts alike. With its extensive range of amenities, from repair yards and power utilities to potable water and hardware stores, it caters to the diverse needs of seafarers. The harbor’s renovations and certification as an Alaska Clean Harbor demonstrate its commitment to maintaining high-quality facilities. It provides additional comforts, such as an indoor pool and hot tub, comfortable guest rooms, and a complimentary breakfast at the Harbor 360 Hotel.

With convenient access to fishing opportunities in the surrounding area, Seward Harbor offers an unforgettable experience for those looking to embark on a fishing adventure. Whether it’s a day of reeling in the catch of a lifetime or simply enjoying the serenity of the sea, Seward Harbor is the perfect destination for every fishing enthusiast. Whether you’re a boater or a visitor, Seward Harbor is a welcoming and well-equipped destination.



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358 reviews
  • Dan Greene
    Dan Greene
    4 months ago

    We are from SOCAL and it was freezing. Did a boat excursion here and took a few good pictures at Memorial.

  • Lisa Lawrence
    Lisa Lawrence
    4 years ago

    Very nice place with all kinds of restaurants and little shops! Best shop is a family owned business Lighthouse gifts! Best prices!! And loved this memorial to those who died in the 1964 earthquake.

  • Jace Face
    Jace Face
    a year ago

    I love Seward, friendly people, great fishing, relaxing environment, lots of bald eagles, and great trails to hike. If you're in AK, you got to go to Seward.

  • Ryan Stafford
    Ryan Stafford
    5 years ago

    If you're looking to launch your boat or watch some wildlife then the Seward Boat Harbor is a great place to visit. The Seward Boat Harbor is a great place to launch a boat or even a kayak. The boat launch is located near the Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center on 4th Street and the kayak launch is located at the Northeast corner of the Seward Boat Harbor. Parking is a pain, so you will need some coins or a credit card to pay for time. The Seward Boat Harbor is home to wildlife including sea otters. If the sun is bright you can see fry swimming in gigantic numbers below the catwalks. Occasionally a bald eagle will sit on a tall light pole looking for fish too. The Seward Boat Harbor is a great resource, but the sad reality is the expansion many years ago removed a significant amount of beach. The beach was a great place to snag King Salmon. While the fishing near the Seward Boat Harbor isn't the same the expansion did modernize and expand the Seward Boat Harbor capacity.

  • Collin Quinton
    Collin Quinton
    2 years ago

    Beautiful place to enjoy the water and wildlife. Stick around long enough and you'll see eagles and sea otters all over the place.

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