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Reel Alaskan Fishing Charters, based in Ketchikan, Alaska, has gained recognition over 27 years as a specialist in halibut and salmon fishing. This area is widely known for its abundant salmon population, making the charter a top choice among anglers. The captain’s deep connection with fishing began in Alaska and Northwest Washington, targeting salmon in diverse environments from a young age. His extensive fishing journey includes periods in Oregon, spearfishing in California and the Channel Islands, experiences in Louisiana, and a role as captain and crew in the Lower Keys, leading to the inception of Reel Alaskan Fishing Charters in 2018.

The charter offers a variety of fishing trips. Guests can enjoy crabbing and shrimping, capturing Dungeness crab, rock crab, Puget Sound king/Box crab, spot prawns, tiger shrimp, and other species. These outings are priced between $150 and $200 daily for the entire crew, with crabbing licenses included in the fishing license and shrimp permits at no additional cost. The half-day salmon fishing excursion accommodates up to six anglers, providing an opportunity to catch all five salmon species, with the option to keep the catch.

Another half-day trip focuses on bottom fishing and nature tours departing from Ketchikan. Anglers can reel in halibut, lingcod, rockfish, sharks, and more, combined with whale watching. For those seeking a longer adventure, the full-day trip allows for an immersive experience in salmon and bottom fishing. Anglers can pursue a range of species like halibut, salmon, lingcod, and rockfish over 8-9 hours, with an extended range option of 10-11 hours.

In addition to fishing, the charter offers licensed big game transport services for self-guided hunters in South East Alaska, accommodating groups of up to six. This service includes both drop-off and pick-up and overnight-on-demand options. For groups interested in spearfishing, Reel Alaskan Fishing Charters arranges specialized tours. The charter utilizes a 32ft sportfisher, powered by F250 engines and equipped with the latest electronics and high-quality gear for salmon and halibut fishing.

Anyone looking to experience the rich fishing waters of Ketchikan with an experienced team can book a trip with Reel Alaskan Fishing Charters. They offer a memorable and skillful fishing experience, perfect for both seasoned anglers and those new to the sport.



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58 reviews
  • Joseph Beckert
    Joseph Beckert
    a week ago

    Captain Scott and Asher did an amazing job on our halibut fishing excursion. Scott was great at communicating and preparing us for the trip and answered all our questions throughout. They were both knowledgeable and extremely passionate about fishing and making our day special. Scott took us out to one of his spots and we got right into cod and rockfish. He floated the idea out of a second close by spot to get into the halibut and I’m glad he did. We caught our max and was a very successful day. We returned back to the dock and he brought them to his processing company and they filleted and shipped them home to us on our chosen date. Scott has all top notch gear and a great boat for fishing. Thank Scott, for making our time with you in Alaska unforgettable!!

  • Emily Cartier
    Emily Cartier
    a month ago

    anyone who has been on this fishing/whale watching excursion will tell you that this is hands down the best trip of your life. Scott is excellent in accommodating and answering question to make sure you have the best experience possible. If you are debating on booking this excursion this is your sign, book it! You won’t regret it :)

  • Russ Gardner
    Russ Gardner
    a week ago

    The boat was new and very clean. We caught all the fish we wanted and had a blast. We saw whales, dolphins, and bald eagles. Scott is a great captain and very entertaining. I would highly recommend Reel Alaska Fishing Charters. This was the best charter I have been on. Can’t wait to eat the halibut and cod Scott shipped home for us.

  • Scott Kelly
    Scott Kelly
    8 months ago

    We had the best time with Scott yesterday. It was a nasty, rainy, and windy day. So rough every other guide service canceled on their clients but not Scott. He took us out and put us on the fish. We caught 11 gorgeous coho salmon and a few small king salmon all in a half day. I have taken at least 10 different fishing guides in various places around the world, and this was my best experience. He went above and beyond. We triple upped twice, and he got them all netted!

  • K D
    K D
    10 months ago

    Absolutely one of the best times fishing. Reel Alaska Fishing Charters saw to it that we didn’t go home empty handed. Scott you were a lot of fun to fish with. Your personality, your knowledge ,equipment and fabulous new boat made this a wonderful fishing experience. 5 stars

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