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Mozark Fishscapes LLC offers professional fishing guide services across southern Missouri and northwest Arkansas, catering to both experienced anglers and beginners. We aim to provide a straightforward, enjoyable fishing trip, ensuring that each guest has a memorable experience. Our service includes digital photos of your catches, allowing you to keep a record of your success.

We provide all necessary fishing gear, including rods, reels, lures, and life jackets, ensuring you have everything you need for a day on the water. Our boats are equipped with advanced Lowrance technology, helping us to find the best fishing spots quickly. This technology minimizes waiting time and maximizes your opportunity to catch fish.

For added comfort, we include light snacks and soft drinks on each trip. You can choose from trip durations of four, six, or eight hours, depending on your preference and schedule. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to start from the boat dock of your choice, making it convenient for you to begin your fishing adventure.

Mozark Fishscapes LLC is dedicated to providing a high-quality fishing experience, making each trip efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to improve your fishing skills or simply enjoy a day on the water, we’re here to assist and ensure you have a great time.



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