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Experience the thrill and excitement of deep-sea fishing with Just Hook It Charters in Montego Bay, Jamaica. With more than 20 years of experience, our chartered fishing trips promise to be fun, adventurous, and unforgettable. Our knowledgeable captain will take you to explore the offshore waters and coral reefs, where you will have the chance to catch some of the most desirable species of fish in the Caribbean. We cater to all ages and guarantee icy-cold beverages, warm Jamaican sunshine, and plenty of fish “bites” to keep you hooked.

Captains Sascha and Stephen “Pow” of Just Hook It Charters are seasoned veterans in the world of fishing with over 20 years of experience. Their expertise in tournament fishing and knowledge of Jamaican waters make them the top choice for anglers seeking an exciting and successful fishing expedition. As dedicated and passionate leaders, they adapt their strategies to guarantee a catch in even the most challenging conditions. Get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure with these experienced captains and their exceptional crew.

The Just Keepin’ It Jiggy is every angler’s dreamboat. This tournament-rigged vessel underwent an extensive refit in 2017, ensuring its readiness for any fishing adventure. Its double spreader outriggers, state-of-the-art electronics, and Pompanette Fighting Chair make it ideal for tournament-style fishing. The flybridge provides an elevated view for spotting fish and taking in the beautiful surroundings. The completely overhauled 450 HP Caterpillar 3205 Engines ensure speedy, efficient, and reliable performance. But with luxury amenities such as a luxurious stateroom, air conditioning, and a full kitchen, this boat doesn’t sacrifice comfort for functionality.

They target an array of offshore fish such as Mahi-Mahi, Kingfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, White Marlin and the ever-popular Blue Marlin. Additionally, deep-sea fishing to depths of 2000′ can provide a plethora of snappers and groupers, including the Yellowtail, Redtail, Mutton, Tilefish, and Amberjack. Fishing on reefs provides the thrill of catching Barracudas, Skipjack Tunas, snappers, groupers, and even sharks. On Just Hook It Sport Charters, all billfish caught are photographed and quickly released unharmed to protect them and for future generations to appreciate that spectacular fight of landing one of these giants.

Just Hook It Charters employs an array of techniques to ensure success on the waters of Jamaica. From trolling to bottom fishing to high-speed trolling to deep-dropping, we have the gear and knowledge to adapt to any conditions. Our skilled crew locates seaweed lines or drifting debris to attract schools of fish and then employs live bait to hook even more fish. When deep-dropping, it can drop to over 3000 feet just offshore. Still, because of the use of electric reels, which makes it easy to bring up fish from depth without stressing your muscles or having your fish become dinner for sharks, this technique is an easy task for all ages. Our effective strategies and personalized service will have you catching fish in no time.

There are a range of fishing charters to cater to varying needs. For a leisurely ½ day deep sea trolling, perfect for families, you stay close to shore to minimize seasickness. For more opportunities to land a trophy gamefish, opt for a ¾ day deep sea trolling, which goes further offshore. For the hard-core angler, a full-day deep sea charter, the ultimate charter of a lifetime, allows for a variety of species to be caught using different techniques. Additionally, the ½ day deep drop bottom fishing is an exciting way to spend the morning. It takes place in water 400 feet to well over 2000 feet deep just offshore at “The Drop.” These are all private charters for up to 6 anglers.

They also offer specialty charters that are perfect for romantic getaways or relaxed cruising along the coastline of Montego Bay. Indulge in luxurious yachts and breathtaking sunset views, hours of comfortable coastal cruising or explore the world-renowned Doctors Cave Beach.

Just Hook It Charters provides an all-inclusive fishing experience with top-of-the-line Penn and Shimano reels, tackle, live and dead bait, fishing license, and iced beverages, including water, soda, and beer. For ¾ and full-day trips, light snacks are also provided. Guests are advised to bring a hat, sunglasses, a camera, appropriate seasonal clothing, and suntan or sunscreen lotion for the ultimate fishing adventure.

Just Hook It Charters in Montego Bay, Jamaica, provides the ultimate fishing experience with over 20 years of tournament fishing experience and a knowledgeable crew. With depths of over 3000′ just a mile offshore, the area is abundant with billfish and other predators, offering the opportunity to catch big game species such as marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin, kingfish, and tuna. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Just Hook It Charters promises exciting and fun fishing trips for all ages. So, embark on an adventure of a lifetime and create unforgettable memories with Just Hook It! As the captains always say, “The Jamaican sun always shines, our beverages are icy cold, and the “Bite” will be hot!”



Fishing Charters Rates

  • Full Day Fishing Charters
    $ 1,650.00
  • Three Quarter Day Charters
    $ 1,275.00
  • Half Day Charters
    $ 850.00


Google Reviews

32 reviews
  • Cassie Dixon
    Cassie Dixon
    2 months ago

    Booked a 6 hour trip with these guys & they was amazing, they picked us up on the doc next door to our hotel and straight out we went after a small safety briefing! We had refreshments & snacks provided too and all the equipment was top quality. The crew was friendly, chatty & always checked if we needed anything. We managed to catch a Tuna & Barracuda which was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to return & book with these guys again✌🏾💚🇯🇲

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis
    5 months ago

    Fished 2 days and capt Steven, Kevin and Shane did an amazing job. Worked hard to keep us on the fish.1 marlin,1 shark, 1 Wahoo, 3 mahi,6 Tuna. Sascha was great with the communication and runs a first class operation. Highly recommend

  • Char Lew
    Char Lew
    7 months ago

    A great time was had by all. Dad and the teenagers were happy. Mom just chilled and took the pix. First of all the weather was amazing on that day. The crew were amazing. They were friendly knowledgeable, and skilled. They briefed us on all safety issues, and once we headed out to sea, they explained about nature and the process of fishing, local fishing culture and environmental issues. Our teenage kids loved it. No time for screen distractions, just sea faring fun. This adventure had their full attention. The vessel was well-kept, comfortable and safe. Most importantly, the crew was knowledgeable about the sea life and kept us informed and engaged. The best part is that they sets up all the fishing gear and baited the hooks. All we had to do was reel in the day’s catch. Alas, that prized marlin outwitted us (I was rooting for the marlin🤫🤐 Captain Kevin was very competent and I never once felt worried about my family’s safety or the sea worthiness of the craft. Totally recommend. And thanks to the other Google reviewers whose feedback helped us to choose this business. No lies told.

  • Kathy Austin
    Kathy Austin
    7 months ago

    We had an amazing time with Just Hook it Charters! If you want to catch offshore fish, then Kevin, Derrick and Shane are your professional crew. The boat was fully-equipped for targeting big game. With quality electronics and generational knowlege of fishing in Jamaica, Captain Kevin put us on the fish. Derrick and Shane were great mates and were always ready to rig fresh baits to keep the bite alive. Back at the marina, they connected us to the catch-to-plate-restaurant which cooked our mahi 3 ways: grilled, blackened, and fried..with all the Jamaican sides. We can't wait to be back fishing with these guys! Make your next fishing trip in Montego Bay with Just Hook It Charters. They are simply the best. Yeah mon!

  • Justin Neden
    Justin Neden
    4 months ago

    A great time! The captain and crew were fantastic and we caught 2 Blue Marlins! Highly recommend!!

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