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Clearwater Beach Marina, located on Clearwater Beach in Florida, is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Offering a range of activities, the marina provides visitors with an unforgettable experience on the waters of Clearwater Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. From tour boats and fishing charters to watercraft rentals, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in pirate cruises, dolphin sighting tours, speedboat adventures, or serene sunset cruises, This marina has it all! With options for scuba diving, parasailing, and sailboat charters, the marina caters to every kind of thrill-seeker. The marina also offers rentals of jet skis, speed boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, and paddle boards, ensuring that you have everything you need for a day of fun on the water. So, come and explore Clearwater Beach Marina, where adventure and excitement await!

At Clearwater Beach Marina, slips and dockage are essential services that cater to the needs of boaters and visitors seeking a convenient and secure place to moor their vessels. Able to accommodate vessels of up to 125 feet in length, the marina has 200 slips, with 23 of them available for transient boaters. The marina offers a range of slip options to accommodate various boat sizes, from small recreational crafts to larger yachts. The slips at Clearwater Beach Marina are well-maintained and designed to provide easy access for boaters. Each slip is equipped with power and water hookups, ensuring that boats have the necessary utilities during their stay. Thanks to the marina’s vigilant security measures, boaters can rest assured knowing that their vessels are protected in a safe and secure environment.

Located in a prime location at the entrance of Clearwater Beach, Clearwater Beach Marina offers an exciting range of boat rentals and charters for visitors to enjoy. From bowrider boats and pontoon boats to hurricane deck boats, there’s something for everyone here, with rates starting from as low as $60/hour. Whether you’re interested in fishing, relaxing on a scenic ride, or enjoying the Gulf Coast, the marina has got you covered. In addition to boat rentals, there are options for sailboat charters, parasailing, tubing, wakeboarding, speed boat rides, and jet ski rentals.

Charter fishing at Clearwater Beach Marina offers an exceptional opportunity for anglers to embark on thrilling fishing adventures in the Gulf of Mexico. With a variety of charter companies available, visitors can choose from well-equipped boats and experienced captains who are knowledgeable about the local fishing grounds. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, Clearwater Beach Marina caters to all skill levels, ensuring an exciting and rewarding fishing experience. The marina’s proximity to abundant fishing grounds makes it an ideal destination to catch many fish species, including snapper, grouper, tarpon, and more. With its reputable charter services, Clearwater Beach Marina is a haven for those seeking unforgettable fishing memories amidst the stunning coastal scenery.

There is a wide range of watercraft rentals for thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in activities like parasailing, tubing, wakeboarding, jet ski rentals, and speedboat rides, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience. Whether you want to soar through the sky with parasailing, ride the waves on a jet ski, or enjoy the excitement of wakeboarding, Clearwater Beach Marina caters to the adventurous spirit in everyone. The Marina also offers a wide range of watercraft rentals for thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in activities like jet ski rentals, speedboat rides, pontoon boat cruises, kayaks, and paddle boards. Whether you want to experience the adrenaline rush of riding a jet ski or the leisurely exploration of kayaking,

The marina also provides amenities to enhance the boating experience, including fuel docks, pump-out services, boat cleaning and maintenance services, boat launching and retrieval, and access to boat ramps for trailerable vessels. Other amenities include restaurants, a gift shop, a barber shop, laundry facilities, a mini-mart, and a bait house. With attentive staff and a prime location, boaters can enjoy peace of mind and maximize their time on the water. Clearwater Beach Marina is the perfect destination to create treasured vacation memories.

Clearwater Beach Marina is a gem on the Gulf of Mexico, offering many experiences for boaters, anglers, and tourists, with a wide selection of boat rental options catering to various preferences and skill levels. Visitors can choose from a range of vessels, including small boats for leisurely cruises or luxurious yachts for exploring the coastline and with its well-equipped boats, experienced captains, and proximity to abundant fishing grounds, the marina provides an exceptional opportunity for thrilling fishing adventures. Everyone, from seasoned anglers to beginners, can enjoy a rewarding fishing experience here. Moreover, the marina’s range of amenities, including restaurants, a gift shop, and laundry facilities, ensures visitors have everything they need for a comfortable and convenient stay. The marina’s prime location in the heart of Clearwater Beach grants easy access to bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues, adding to its appeal. Clearwater Beach Marina consistently receives positive reviews for its overall facilities and helpful staff. All in all, a visit to Clearwater Beach Marina promises unforgettable memories amidst stunning coastal scenery and a vibrant atmosphere.



Google Reviews

581 reviews
  • Brian Degroat
    Brian Degroat
    a month ago

    I've been coming to this location for over 20 years for all my Salt water fishing needs Whether it's the queen fleet or the Double eagle for Party boat fishing both are Excellent fishing and alot of fun and the food on both are very good and if your looking for Private charter definitely Check out Captain Roelof viskil for your Private charter needs he well put you on the fish if your looking for fun for the Whole family definitely Check out Queen fleet for the double eagle both are Excellent as well

  • Nancy Sheffel
    Nancy Sheffel
    9 months ago

    In Clearwater area this was the best beach that we found. amongst all these high-rises hotels all the stuff, the county took a corner piece and kept it as a park awesome! awesome! It was also one the best parks as far as no seaweed or not much, warm waters, clean beach. we truly enjoyed ourselves at this particular beach. My only complaint is no lights in the bathhouses. if it's a cloudy day or you getting ready to leave right there at sunset, it dark in those bathrooms, and considering you have to pay to park there, I don't understand why they can't provide lights.

  • Erin FoxDoan
    Erin FoxDoan
    a year ago

    This marina is like home!! The vendors are all so kind and the area is clean. I love to visit and contribute to this close nit community. We always walk from our hotel though because parking looks difficult. We have DECADES of family memories that started at this marina!

  • J Trip
    J Trip
    3 weeks ago

    I rolled up and tried getting a pound of shrimp and some flounder for my BBQ and they told me I had to get a license to commercially gosh there. So when no one was looking I threw a dead catfish in one of their boats as revenge. The parking was costly and the old guy who checks meters is mean as a snake. Loved the gift shop.

  • Rebecca Parchment
    Rebecca Parchment
    4 years ago

    My favourite beach in the world. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and has so much to do. The sand is so soft and clean and the water really is clear. You can hire little sunshades and seats to sit in on the beach. Walk down to the pier and there are all kinds of activities and entertainment - stay around til night because there are some amazing street acts that perform. There's also a shaded park and just opposite the shop/cafe next to the restrooms on the pier. The cafe does a mean chilly cheese dog. Our daughter also loves to get a hair wrap from the Caribbean braids and wraps stall. Lots of places to eat and drink at. AND, dolphin boat rides - I'd 100% recommend the little toot. We've been on a few and that one is by far the best, the dolphins literally follow it and come so close. I'd recommend going at sunset because its more enjoyable when the weather is cooling down and you can get some amazing photos. I just love this place, have made some wonderful memories here over the years and it's definitely one of my favourite places from anywhere I've ever visited. Well worth a visit, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and there are showers so you won't get sand everywhere coming home.

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