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Charlton’s Reef Charters, based in Tampa Bay, Florida, offers fishing adventures and recreational activities for anglers of all levels. With options for inshore, nearshore, and flats fishing, anglers can choose from techniques like bottom fishing, cut bait fishing, and using artificial lures. The charters target a variety of species, including Snook, Redfish, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, and even Shark. Captain Tom Charlton, the owner and operator, has over 40 years of fishing experience in the Tampa Bay area, ensuring guests benefit from his knowledge and expertise. Captain Tom provides personalized service, making sure beginners can quickly learn and enjoy a successful fishing trip. The charters operate seven days a week, weather permitting, with a strong emphasis on safety.

Charlton’s Reef Charters offers several fishing trip options tailored to different interests and skill levels. The three-hour Kids, Beginners, and Fun Cruises are perfect for those new to boating and fishing, offering an easy and enjoyable introduction to the bay. During these trips, Captain Tom handles everything, allowing guests to relax and learn. For a more involved experience, the four-hour Inshore Charter focuses on targeting Snook and Redfish on the flats or seeking out Grouper and Snapper in the deeper waters of the middle bay. The six-hour Inshore Charter allows for the pursuit of Snook, Redfish, and Spotted Seatrout on the flats or exploring deeper waters for Grouper, Cobia, and Grey Snapper. This trip also offers opportunities to encounter dolphins, manatees, and various sea birds. The eight-hour Full Day Inshore Charters provide the most comprehensive experience, enabling anglers to fish for a range of species, including Grouper, Shark, and Cobia in deeper waters, as well as Snook, Trout, and Redfish in the shallows.

Charlton’s Reef Charters uses a 20-foot Mako center console or a 22-foot Pioneer Hybrid bay boat, both of which can accommodate up to four people. Each trip includes all necessary gear, ensuring a seamless fishing experience. Captain Tom also takes care of cleaning and filleting the catch so guests can easily take their fresh fish home.

To book your next fishing adventure in Tampa, FL, visit their website and secure your spot today. With Charlton’s Reef Charters, you’re in for a memorable day on the water with an experienced captain who knows all the best fishing spots in Tampa Bay.


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