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Have you heard the saying “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”? Well, come aboard the aptly named Dreamwork for a day on the Los Suenos waters with Captain Tom and his crew aboard Captain Toms’s Big Game Fishing Charters. They will make all your angling dreams come true.

Captain Tom is a legend, the first captain to start a charter service in the Herradura Bay area of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. He is considered to be one of the top big-game fishing captains in Costa Rica and has one of the most successful charter services in Costa Rica. To make your fishing experience truly memorable, he has only the best captains in the area to handle his fleet.

The ”Dreamwork” is his baby. It is a custom-built 36 ft. Marcam flybridge boat. It has a fighting chair ready for when you have to do battle with monsters. It is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and fish-finding equipment. It is quick and has a livewell and tuna tubes. From the “Dreamwork,” not only are all of your angler dreams of landing a giant possible, but with an almost 100% hit rate, Captain Tom will make these dreams a reality.

So what do anglers dream about? The thrill of when a Blue, Black or Striped Marlin or Sailfish takes your bite and the fight that ensues. Or landing a Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna or Wahoo. Or what about bottom feeding for giant Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, and Jacks? In Costa Rica, these dreams can be a reality, and Captain Tom knows all of these fish, where they are and how to get you hooked up.

Captain Tom uses many techniques depending on what type of fishing you are doing. Trolling, Bottom Fishing, popping and jigging, and spinning are just a few. If you are a fly fisherman, go ahead and bring your rod and be ready for the experience of your lifetime.

There are many charters available for you to choose from. You can stay in the calmer water of the rocks and reefs. Half-day and Full day charters are available. There are half-day offshore and full-day offshore charters for those wanting to try their luck with the bigger pelagics that roam the deep blue waters. And for those that want to experience it all, get hooked up with a Marlin or Sail offshore and then come back inshore to catch some of the delicious reef fish of Costa Rica, a Captain Tom has Full day charters for you.

All charters include top-of-the-line rods, reels and tackle. Snacks and beverages are provided, as well as lunch for Full day trips. All you need to bring is a great attitude, sunscreen, comfortable clothing and cameras.

No matter what charter you choose, with the fertile and fun waters of Costa Rica, you are in for a day you will never forget.



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10 reviews
  • Erich Mazurek
    Erich Mazurek
    3 years ago

    If you want seriously and focused fishing and with results you need this Captain. Amazing Captain. He is super serious in getting you a Marlin and Sail fish then others Dorodo etc. We had 2 great days of fishing Day 1, 7 Dorodo, 6 sail and one blue Marlin, day 2 we Caught 11 sails 2 blue Marlins and one Dorodo boat is perfect for 3 people 4 max for shade etc 37 foot boat building a new 43 foot as well. Second year in a row down here and it was amazing. Can’t wait to be with Captain Tom again. See the results. Picture.

  • erik millers
    erik millers
    a year ago

    Fished with Captain Tom for full day offshore with some friends. Amazing experience start to finish. Tom got us on tuna right away. After catching 7, we went on the troll for billfish and landed 2 sailfish. His crew (John and Macho) worked like a well oiled machine, making bait, working the trolling spread, helping land fish, providing food/snacks and cleaning our catch. The boat (which Tom built himself) was well suited for fishing and immaculate. We were a mix of seasoned anglers and a couple first timers. Everyone enjoyed the day. Can't wait to fish with Capt Tom again.

  • Rusten Ramsey
    Rusten Ramsey
    3 years ago

    Captain Tom was a nice guy, certainly nothing wrong from a personal standpoint. That being said I would not recommend him for rooster fishing or for that matter, any bay fishing. After spending most of the prime time early morning hours bait fishing (should have been done prior) and a few more hours running from spot to spot hopelessly looking for any fish we ended up less than satisfied. The one fish (not a target fish) we did catch the crew filleted and kept for themselves. Captain Tom had zero interest in bay fishing like we hired him for, he simply wanted to run off shore. Certainly not on our agenda. His crew was par at best. One of the young men was great while the others only positive attribute was slicing the fruit. Had high hopes when captain Tom started our trip by saying he has “won every bay fishing tournament” the past season. Should have known better! Would have been better throwing our money in the toilet that overflowed while on board!!

  • David Maloni
    David Maloni
    9 months ago

    Captain Tom and crew were great. Kept us on the fish all day and caught much more than the other boats in the marina. Would highly recommend. B

  • Elaine Burkholder
    Elaine Burkholder
    6 years ago

    We hooked two marlin, 3 sail fish and a mahi mahi. Had a great time in a very clean boat! Don't remember the mates name ...about 19...did a fantastic job and serving us rounds of fresh fruits then he rolled out a great sandwich lunch. Both mates did a good job the older mate was a tad rough on the younger mate. Thanks guys!

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