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Artemis Lakeside Café, located in South Lake Tahoe, California, is a notable dining establishment known for its Mediterranean cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. This café, situated by the lake, offers both an impressive view and a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes.

The menu at Artemis Lakeside Café features a range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, emphasizing the use of fresh, local ingredients. Popular choices include the Grilled Lamb Burger, seasoned with a unique blend of spices and herbs, and the Avocado Hummus, a creamy and flavorful starter. Seafood options, like the Shrimp Saganaki and Greek-style grilled octopus, are prepared with care, highlighting the fresh flavors of the sea. Vegetarian patrons are well catered for with dishes such as the Vegetable Moussaka and the Mediterranean Veggie Wrap, both rich in fresh vegetables and Mediterranean flavors.

The atmosphere of the café complements its culinary offerings. The interior is warm and inviting, making it suitable for both casual and special occasions. The outdoor seating area provides a view of the lake, enhancing the dining experience with the natural beauty of South Lake Tahoe. This combination of good food and scenic location makes Artemis Lakeside Café a preferred spot for both locals and visitors.

Customer service is a priority at Artemis Lakeside Café. The staff is known for being attentive and friendly, ensuring that guests have a pleasant dining experience. The café also hosts various events throughout the year, contributing to its welcoming and lively ambiance.

Artemis Lakeside Café offers a mix of delightful Mediterranean cuisine and a comfortable setting. Its location by the lake in South Lake Tahoe, along with its varied menu and commitment to customer service, makes it a desirable destination for a wide range of dining experiences.



Google Reviews

1,783 reviews
  • Shruti Garg
    Shruti Garg
    in the last week

    Food is Awsome I have ordered 2 dishes gyro and spaghetti and Turkish coffee. Gyro with salad was super Awsome, spaghetti was very blend but good for the kids and Turkish coffee was super Awsome. Only one thing that I was disappointed with their name as “LAKEFRONT” I thought that I would be having a lakefront seating but actually there is not at all lake front. They have outside seating as well but that one too not a lakefront. So, who are going for the first time, don’t confused with their name.

  • lexi k
    lexi k
    3 months ago

    This place is amazing! As chefs dining on the other side my boyfriend and I are blown away by the superb service and extremely fresh food. We ordered the Greek wings, dolmas, lamb souvlake plate and Mahi pita. Huge shout out to Dania for making this experience unforgettable thank you so much girl! Will definately be back :)

  • Trinity Barnes
    Trinity Barnes
    6 months ago

    Came here for lunch and will definitely be returning. The service was great! They have amazing views of the lake and the food was absolutely delicious. We came on a Sunday afternoon hoping to avoid a brunch crowd and were immediately seated (group of 2). Our waitress was nice, honest about the menu, and consistently checked up on us. The mashed potatoes… AMAZING! Would definitely recommend.

  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson
    5 months ago

    Casual Mediterranean dining by the lake. We visited on a particularly cold day; they’re happy to serve on the patio beneath the heaters but we opted for inside. My man got the Buffalo chicken sandwich - delicious with a (surprise to me) Gorgonzola finish that really kicked it up a notch. The veggie pita was calling my name, but I also wanted meat, so opted for a side of lamb gyro & walked away with happy taste buds+belly :p He got a (v strong) Irish coffee - FYI comes with whip. I got the Artemis margarita w/o agave—super tasty! My man has been here many times & I see why he keeps coming back :D

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards
    2 months ago

    It was bad all around. Terrible service. Food had too much salt on it and was dry. Plates were held under the warming lamp way too long. Could only use cash. Appeared to be short staffed and the staff they had were under trained.

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