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Fairwater Charters

Fairwater Charters


Product Description

Welcome to Fairwater Charters Drift and Wade Fishing, located in the serene Port Mansfield, one of America’s top 10 fishing destinations. Enjoy year-round, unforgettable guided fishing adventures with Captain Todd Grubert, catering to all skill levels and ages. Experience the tranquil, lesser crowded waters of Lower Laguna Madre, reaping the benefits of its unique climate as you reel in your most memorable catch yet. Join us for the angling adventure of a lifetime!

Captain Todd, an expert in drift and wade fishing, eagerly awaits to give you a first-class fishing experience. A U.S. Coast Guard licensed, Texas Parks and Wildlife certified professional, Captain Todd ensures a safe, thrilling, and unforgettable fishing journey in a comfortable setting.

Our boat is a 2020 Alumitech Air Boat. It is a 23-foot pristine watercraft boasting a powerful 454 Big Block Chevy motor. Experience unparalleled drift and wade fishing on this Shoalwater Cat Bay boat, meticulously designed and compliant with U.S. Coast Guard standards for safety and excellence.

We target the dynamic Speckled Sea Trout, a gamefish thriving in Texas Gulf Coast’s picturesque bays. Also sought after are Red Drum, aka Redfish or Reds, which inhabit the balmy waters of Lower Laguna Madre. Anglers can pursue trophy-size prized trout and redfish.

Fairwater Charters utilizes expert drift and wade fishing strategies, employing artificial and live bait to maximize catches. While drifting, bait is skillfully adjusted to match currents, and in shallow water, stealthy wading techniques enable close encounters with fish. These methods, guided by experienced professionals, ensure consistent success.
Experience an unforgettable full-day drift and wade fishing adventure with Fairwater Charters. For $650, up to 3 anglers can relish exhilarating fishing experiences from sun up until 2 pm. An additional angler can join for $50 each, but because your safety is prioritized, groups with four anglers are required to wade fish because fishing on our boat with four anglers can be dangerous.

We offer an inclusive drift and wade fishing experience with top-line rods, reels, tackle, wading belts, stringers, pliers and fish cleaning. Live bait is available upon request at the customer’s expense. Remember to bring a valid fishing license, appropriate clothing for the weather, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, wading gear, food/drinks, a cooler for transporting fish, and a camera to capture the memories.

Discover the unparalleled joys of drift and wade fishing with Fairwater Charters Drift and Wade Fishing in the serene Lower Laguna Madre. Our experienced guides will ensure your chances of reeling in trophy-size redfish and speckled sea trout with our cutting-edge methods, the best artificial lures, and live bait that is available upon request. Immerse yourself in the serene and pristine waters of Lower Laguna Madre, creating lasting memories and honing your angling skills.

Along with fishing Fairwater Charters also offers exhilarating duck hunting on the pristine Texas Coast. Embark on an unforgettable adventure targeting Pintail, Widgeon, Redhead, Teal, Gadwall, Scaup, and more. With our state-of-the-art airboat, extensive local knowledge, and spacious blinds, we effortlessly accommodate hunters of all skill levels. In this hidden hunting gem, waterfowl species and minimal hunting pressure create an unparalleled hunting experience.