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Taco’s Hooked Up Sportfishing

Taco’s Hooked Up Sportfishing


Product Description

Do you want to have fun, party and laugh while having one of your best fishing days ever? Captain Taco of Taco’s Hooked Up Charters makes your time onboard fun and memorable. There are many charters to choose from, but each is special because of the jovial Captain Taco.

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect location for fishing with reefs and the Gulfstream just off the shore. The “Hooked Up” is a 41 ft. fishing yacht with two 450 HP Avico engines that was custom built by a fisherman for fishermen. It is one of the few charter boats with four fighting chairs, two hundred gallon plus live wells and a huge built-in fix box.

Captain Taco can navigate and find your fish thanks to state-of-the-art fish finding and navigation equipment. It also has a galley and a salon, so you can relax comfortably when not fishing. There are rods that were custom-built by the Captain with International reels ranging from 20 to 80-pound tension, so you are ready for anything.

And anything is what you are in for. The waters off Ft. Lauderdale are teeming with life. You can target many fish on the reefs and wrecks, including Barracuda, Mackerel, Cobia, Amberjacks, Snapper and Grouper. The Gulf is home to many of the trophy fish every angler has at the top of their fishing wish list. Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, Sharks, and Marlin. And a little further, you can deep drop for giant-sized Grouper and Snapper and go Swordfish fishing.

Captain Taco has many techniques depending on where you want to fish and what fish you want to target. His favorites include kite fishing, trolling, deep dropping, wreck fishing, shark fishing and swordfish fishing.

Taco’s Hooked Up offers five different charters; Deep Dropping and Snapper Fishing, Sail Fishing, Shark Fishing, Trolling, and Day/Night Swordfishing. Because of the proximity of the fishing grounds, many of these charters can be accomplished in a half-day or ¾ day trip. Still, to maximize your chances of fighting a giant, it will be better to charter a full day on the water. Nighttime Swordfish charters are usually at least 9 hours long.

While the charters are inclusive, the Captain recommends you bring some good sunscreen, polarized UV-protected sunglasses, comfortable clothes and whatever food and beverages you wish. There is a cooler full of ice for all of your drinks.

Captain Taco has fished all over Florida and the Caribbean and has years of tournament experience, which he brings to every charter. You are in good hands with Captain Taco. He will make sure that you have an exciting and fun time.