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Da Bald Guy Food Truck

Da Bald Guy Food Truck


Product Description

When you venture to the North Shore, Da Bald Guy food truck is a must-go destination. Located in the Kahuku Sugar Mill parking lot in Kahuku, Chef James Martin and his father, Leonard Nombris, cook delicious Hawaiian-inspired food with the freshest seafood and produce available.

Hawaii has a tradition of the plate lunch, a main protein with two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad, and Da Bald Guy serves some of the best plate lunches on the island. The line can be long, especially since the Netflix Street Food episode and The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, but it goes quickly, and soon, you will be digging into some of the tastiest food you have ever had.

Chef James combines his knowledge of Hawaiian culture and food with his experiences in other restaurants to bring the unique flavors you won’t get anywhere else. The truck opens at 6 am and closes at 2 pm or until they sell out of everything. The Fried Poke Plate is one of the favorites of the truck and its patrons. This is Chef James’ twist on the normal raw poke found all over the island. Instead, he pan-fries the seasoned tuna with caramelized onions, drizzles it with a flavorful aioli and teriyaki sauce and tops it with furikake.

Other favorites are the Boneless Galbi, boneless beef marinated for over 24 hours in a Korean kalbi sauce and slowly cooked til mouthwateringly tender, and the Peeled Garlic Shrimp, 11 peeled shrimp sauteed with the truck’s special garlic butter sauce, they are lip-smacking good. And if you are having trouble deciding, you can get a combo plate of two selections with the rice and macaroni salad.

You can start your day off right with a breakfast plate at the food truck. They open early, at 6 am, and serve breakfast every day until 10 am. All the breakfast plates come with rice and eggs. You can choose from the popular Galbi, the BBQ Rib-eye Steak, Sausage, a Crabmeat Omelet and the ever-popular Spam served two ways: plain and with teriyaki sauce and furikake. The lunch menu is available all day so you can have one of the tasty lunch items not on the breakfast menu, too.

Da Bald Guy, Chef James, has been serving Hawaiians and tourists for years and is even expanding. The flavors of the food from this truck are bringing people from all over the world. Chef James uses only the freshest ingredients and his unique takes on Hawaiian dishes. If you are in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu, you have to make sure that you plan a trip to Da Bald Guy’s food truck. You might even get to meet Da Bald Guy himself. The lines can get long, and because it is a food truck, they run out of items, so be aware of this and try to get there early.