Known as one of the most breathtaking and beautiful spots on the North Carolina coast, Wrightsville is a true resort with clear waters that resemble a tropical paradise. This ambiance leaves Wrightsville as a popular destinations for vacationers especially that of sport and saltwater fishing enthusiasts. A peaceful escape from everyday life, Wrightsville Beach provides a nautical heaven whether fishing, surfing, boating or swimming. If those traveling with you are not into fishing such as you, while you’re on one of Wrightsville’s fishing charters, they can embark on the many shopping, dining and theatre options around town.

Regarding fishing, fishing charters offer two distinct sport fishing experiences: inshore and offshore. The fishing charters around Wrightsville specialize in inshore experiences that include light tackle saltwater fishing experiences. Local fishing enthusiasts offer tips and strategies to catch the most fish. Locals say that catching trout and flounder in its creeks is easy, as well as catching bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and kingfish in deeper waters in an offshore experience. Inshore sport fishing in Wrightsville includes a variety of methods: jigging, light tackle, fly fishing (to catch redfish and trout), bottom fishing and trolling. These saltwater fishing techniques have been tried and successful for locals and professional fishing enthusiast off the North Carolina shores. Try a fishing charter today! Catch a variety of fish including founder, redfish, rockfish, and trout!

Wrightsville also offers an offshore sport fishing experience that is unforgettable. One of Wrightsville’s many fishing charters provides you an opportunity to fish in the deep waters of the ocean. The offshore shore waters include fish such as: dolphin fish, wahoo, marlin, tuna, kingfish, and sailfish. Kite fishing and trolling are two successful methods of offshore sport fishing in Wrightsville.

Whether looking to keep the fishing enthusiast in your life company or love to fish yourself, Wrightsville and Wrightsville Beach offers an experience of a lifetime. A tropical paradise for you and your loved ones to enjoy together. While you embark on one of our many fishing charters, your family and friends can enjoy the white sandy beaches of the area and other cultural attractions around town. What are you waiting for? The area is waiting to treat you to its Southern charm and hospitality. Come on down! Let’s reel some in together.

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