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Southport, North Carolina



Southport North Carolina is a small coast seaport famous for its world-class sport fishing opportunities. Named as one of the Best Places to Retire and one of the best vacations, Southport has something for everyone.

Whether you enjoy saltwater fishing and want to embark on one of Southport’s many fishing charters or you are traveling with someone who loves fishing, Southport has something for everyone. The surrounding city has museums, antique shops, a Riverwalk and beaches to entertain you as your loved ones embark on a fishing charter.

For those fishing enthusiasts, Southport offers many inshore and offshore fishing experiences. Inshore fishing opportunities include light tackle fishing on one of Southport’s spacious beaches. Some of the most popular catches in inshore sport fishing are flounder, redfish, kingfish, rockfish, trout and Spanish Mackerel.

The locals and professionals aboard fishing charters will guide you on local tried and succeeded methods of catching the most fish in Southport. Some of these fishing techniques include jigging, fly fishing, light tackle, trolling and bottom fishing.

If you’re more of an offshore fishing lover, Southport has a variety of fishing charters for these saltwater fishing experiences. With many offshore waters encompassing a variety of fish, your experience is sure to be filled with many catches. Some fish that inhabit the Southport waters include: sailfish, marlin, yellow fin tuna, blackfish tuna, bluefin tuna, wahoo, kingfish & Mahi-Mahi. Whether trolling or kite fishing, locals and professionals on one of Southport’s many fishing charters will guide you on making the most of your sport fishing Southport experience.

Still not certain you want to come to Southport? Locals claim that this quaint town has everything one needs to experience for a good time. With southern charm and hospitality, good eats, and plenty of things to do, Southport is a must-see spot for any fishing enthusiast and his or her family. What are you waiting for? Just a few hours from many other East Coast vacation destinations, visiting Southport has never been easier. We hope to see you soon on one of your fishing charters. Come enjoy sport and saltwater fishing in Southport today!

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