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You can find some of the best fishing in the country on the Niagara River, and Lewiston, NY, located in the center of the lower part, is right in the heart of the fishing spots. The Niagara River is famous for its Salmon, Trout, and Smallmouth Bass fishing. A wide variety of fish swim in the river, including Smallmouth and Bigmouth Bass, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Walleye. Many Lewiston Fishing Charters can take you upstream towards the Falls or downstream towards Lake Ontario.

Upstream from Lewiston is fantastic fishing, but the waters can get very quick and rough up at the Whirlpool. But a little below that is the Devil’s Hole, a highly prized fishing spot for trophy Trout and Salmon. Further downstream is the Lewiston/Queenstown Bridge. Some excellent fishing is at and near this bridge that connects Canada and the United States. Highly oxygenated water means large sport fish.

The fishing here, especially for trout and Salmon, is so spectacular major fishing journals and television shows have called this one of the prime freshwater fishing locations in the country. But closer to home, near the Lewiston/Queenstown Bridge, anglers looking for the big one can find Salmon, Trout and Steelhead, depending on the time of year. Below the bridge is Artpark, where Salmon during the salmon run and Steelhead throughout the winter are found in great numbers.

Downstream is Youngstown, another fishing town located on the Niagara River with its own Youngstown Fishing Charters ready to go up and down the river. Youngstown is just a short boat ride to the mouth of the river, where it empties into Lake Ontario. The mouth of the river is the site where many different fish species make their way into the river to travel to their spawning sites. This makes for some epic fishing throughout the year. Five miles offshore is the famous Niagara Bar, where structures capture bait fish in the currents and attract large predators making for one of the best places to fish in the Northeast.

Anglers journey to Lewiston to fish this wonderful River. It is the perfect jumping-off spot for a short half-day charter for those who do not want to get up early, get too much of the midday sun or are a family with small children. Or book a more extended full-day trip if you are a seasoned angler or a weekend warrior looking for some of the big trophy fish. There are many Lewiston Fishing Charters with experienced local captains that know the River like the back of their hands and can definitely get you pulling in fish; usually a lot of fish on each charter because of the number of fish located here.

Fishing Destinations Near Lewiston, NY

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