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Fishing in Cape May, you have so many choices. You can stay close to town, go into the Delaware Bay, go offshore to the wrecks that dot the bottom of the ocean near and far offshore, and go way offshore to the Canyons and Continental Shelf.

There are plenty of marinas in town that are home to over 100 Cape May Fishing Charter boats. Local experienced captains are ready to take you for a day on the water you will not forget.

Inshore is a variety of fish. Striped Bass is the most prevalent, but Bluefish, Weakfish, Spotted Seatrout, Black Drum, Redfish, and Sheepshead can also be reeled in. Backcountry fishing in the channels, banks, and estuaries like Delaware Bay are great places for fishing with small kids because the water is calmer. While some of these fish give quite a fight, many are easier for them to reel in.

Nearshore has many fish too. Bottom feeders like Seabass, Tautog, or Blackfish as it is called locally, Fluke, and reef fish like Cobia, Bluefish, Striped Bass and Sharks. Occasionally a Tuna or two will come into these waters, but that is not a regular occurrence happening most in the warm summer months.

Offshore the water gets really rough, and you have to go 80+ miles to get to the Canyons, but if you can handle the waves, your reward for the trip is well worth it. Your reel will scream when Blue, Yellow and Big Eye Tuna hit your bait. Other fish in these areas are Mahi Mahi and Wahoo, and you can deep drop for large Sea Bass, Cod and Tilefish. Be warned, with these fish in the water, there are Sharks waiting to chomp on your fish. Or you can turn the tables and go Shark fishing. If you go out further into the deep blue ocean, 100+ miles, you can find the elusive Blue Marlin and other Billfish.

Fishing offshore of Cape May is a popular choice for anglers looking for excellent fishing in New Jersey. Your Cape May Fishing Charters can offer half-day (4 hours), ¾ day (6 hours), full-day (8 hours), extended-day ( 10 + hours), overnight and multiple-day charters. They can also make a charter specifically for the fish you wish to charter.

For a day inshore, a half-day or ¾ day is excellent, and 3/4 to full-day charters are good to go nearshore or even offshore to the wrecks. But you must book a full day or even an extended day trip to go to the Canyons and beyond. And many Cape May Charters offer Tuna and Swordfish trips. You will be able to find and reel in many of the fish of your dreams when you come to Cape May and book a charter.

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