Brielle is a small city in the middle of Jersey on the Manasquan River. It is in the perfect spot for excellent inshore and epic offshore fishing.

It may be small, but the marinas have more than 200 charter and commercial fishing boats. You can find a Brielle Fishing Charter to meet all of your angling needs, ready to take you on the water for a great day.

Brielle is truly located in a great spot for inshore fishing. There is excellent fishing in the Manasquan River, and Barnegat Bay is just to the south and one of the best inshore spots in New Jersey. In the river and the bay, you can find Sea Trout, Striped Bass, Bluefish and Summer and Winter Flounder, to name a few.

Offshore fishing is fantastic, but it is only for some. The water gets rougher as you go further out to sea. There is good nearshore fishing in the wrecks for bottom feeders like Flounder, Sea Bass and Tautogs or, as they are known around Brielle, Blackfish. Many other reef fish also frequent these wrecks, like Striped Bass, Cobia, Bluefish and Sharks.

To get to the big fish and their fishing grounds, you have to travel well offshore. The waters are rough, but the chances to battle giants are great. Here you can find Marlin, Swordfish, Tilefish, Tuna and Mako Sharks.

There are many different Brielle Fishing Charters to choose from. You can take a party boat, get a shared trip or charter a private fishing boat. A half day can suffice for inshore family charters to the River and Bay, but you can book at least 6 hours to get the most out of your fishing day. You will need more than a full day to get the true offshore experience. Because the fishing grounds are so far, plan on an extended day or even an overnight charter where you can focus on giants.

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