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Biloxi, Mississippi, known as “The Playground of the South,” is located on the Gulf of Mexico and in “The Fertile Fishing Crescent,” an area considered one of the most fertile and most important fishing areas in the US. This means that Biloxi’s waters are teeming with fish and top-notch fishing so that all anglers will have an exciting time out. This also means that many professional Biloxi fishing charters are waiting to take you out on the water for a day of fun and excitement.

Many Biloxi fishing charters specialize in inshore and offshore trips for all ages and experience. These charters offer you half-day, ¾ day and full-day trips to the inshore and offshore waters and longer ones for going out into the Gulf. No matter what excursion you choose, the waters of Biloxi are plentiful, with a bounty of fish waiting for your hook.

Experienced captains with deep knowledge of the area can take you for an experience of a lifetime. Whether it is you pulling in Redfish after Redfish inshore, taking you nearshore close to the barrier islands and the wrecks and reefs just a few miles off the coast where you can target fun fish like Jack Crevalle, Cobia, King and Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Bull Reds, Bluefish, Tripletail and more. These shorter trips can be made with a half-day trip, but you will have so much fun you will want to stay out all day.

You might want to book a full-day charter to go offshore into the Gulf to the oil rigs and wrecks. Here you will find Grouper and Snapper species, including the much-loved Red Snapper. Or, for anglers with a yearning for a fight, you can go deep and venture 100+ miles offshore where you can battle the monsters of the deep; Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna. To have a battle of your life fighting some of the most sought-after trophy fish, you will have to book overnight trips or multiple day trips because these beasts are not found near shore, but they are so worth it.

Come see why so many anglers frequent Biloxi and hire a Biloxi fishing charter where they can take you on the water for a day of some of the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Biloxi, MI?

4-hour private trips in Biloxi average around $400-500 for 1-4 anglers, 6-hour trips for $600-700 and 8-hour full-day trips average around $1000 with a maximum of 6 anglers per trip. Biloxi is also known for the Red Snapper season of June – August. During this time, rates rise to around $1300 for up to six anglers. These prices can vary based on the duration of the trip, the boat size and amenities offered. Also, many charters offer special trips and trips catered to your wants. Some charters also offer overnight and multiple day trips. But there are additional costs involved with these trips. Unfortunately, at this time, there are not any shared trips.

The most popular inshore gamefish has to be Redfish. They are found just about everywhere and are available year-round. Flounder, Black Drum and Speckled Trout are other fish that frequent the inshore waters and are popular with anglers.

Offshore the most popular gamefish are Grouper, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle and more nearshore and farther out, Cobia, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, and Yellowfin Tuna are the most popular.

Trophy fishing for Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo are especially hot in the Summer months but most of these fish are found year round in the blue water of the Gulf.

Although not very popular most of the year because of the harvesting laws, Red Snapper, during their season early in the summer, are the most popular fish, with most charters going out exclusively for them.

During the short season for Red Snapper some of the best fishing is found here in the Northern Gulf.
The Mississippi red snapper season will open Friday, May 27th and run until July 4th or until the quota is met for the 2022 season.
The daily limit for Red Snapper during season is 2 fish per person. That means a charter of 6 anglers can bring home a cooler of 12 Red Snapper.

Anglers aged 16 through 64 need a license to fish in Mississippi. If you’re interested in saltwater fishing, you’ll need an additional license for that, as well.

Licenses can be purchased online at the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks website or at a WFP office.

However if you charter one of the many Biloxi fishing charters the licenses will usually be included with the price of your trip. Your charter service will have all the applicable licenses for your trip.

Spring fishing in Biloxi is full of action. There are the species like Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder inshore, and a few varieties of Snapper, Grouper and Hogfish, Lesser Amberjack, Cobia and King Mackerel can be found offshore in the reefs and wrecks and oil rigs.

In March, there is a migration of Spanish Mackerel up the Mississippi sound. This time is also an excellent time for Sheepshead, Tripletail, Grey Triggerfish and Black Drum are growing in numbers.

In April, there is a large population of Kingfish (King Mackerel) offshore, along with the coming of the Cobia in the latter part of the month. All of the fish mentioned above from March are still biting hard.

May brings the migration of Florida Pompano inshore as well as big Bull Redfish frequent inshore waters. Mahi Mahi are year-round fish, but May is one of the best months for this popular gamefish. Spring is the start of the year and is a great time to come to Biloxi for a fishing vacation.

Summer in Biloxi is not only a good time it is probably the best time to fish the northern Gulf waters. Red Snapper season is from the last Friday in May – to the end of July or until the limits have been met.

June, along with the start of Red Snapper season, is also the time for Lane Snapper in the reefs.

Gag grouper season is just beginning through December, and inshore large Tarpon can be hooked for the entire summer. In June is the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, where anglers worldwide come to catch Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Tuna.

While the Classic is in June, July is really the time for the bite of the Trophies. July starts the best times for Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo and Cobia are still biting hard in the reefs and at the oil rigs. It is also the last month of the Red Snapper season.

August brings the Greater Amberjack season. Marlin are still going strong, as is the Tuna bite. August brings the end to the high season for Tarpon inshore, but they are still available year-round here in Biloxi.
The weather in Biloxi is hot in the summer, and the action on the water is even hotter.

For families with small or any children inshore Biloxi fishing charters, the speckled trout and redfish trips are the best because these trips are generally shorter, usually only 4 hours long, which can be suitable for young kids.

Also, the seas inshore are much calmer, which reduces the potential for seasickness and ruining a great day on the water. During these inshore trips, your experienced captain will explain everything your child will need to know and will put you on fish, not the big boys of the waters but smaller fish like White Trout.

These fish are not fierce fighters, so they are perfect for children who probably are not strong enough to land one of the larger species in the water.

There are plenty of Biloxi fishing charters out there, and many cater to families with children.

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