When it comes to fishing, you may have hit the jackpot on a fishing trip to Michigan. It borders 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and has over 3,000 miles of coastline, over 11,000 inland lakes, and over 36,000 miles of rivers and streams. No matter where you go in Michigan, you will find fish. And you will also find Michigan Fishing Charters all over the state ready to guide you along and put you on fish.

You can cast a fly on the over 11,500 cold water streams filled with trout. Enjoy a nice calm day on an inland lake fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Perch and other tasty fish. Go out on the Great Lakes to fish for larger fish like King Salmon and Walleye. No matter what type of fishing you want to try, there are experienced captains and guides that will take you out for a day you will remember forever.

The Great Lakes are home to so many different species of fish, and each Lake has different fish for you to catch. In Lake Erie, the predominant fish are Walleye and Yellow Perch. The western part of the Lake is known as “The Walleye Capital of the World.” Lake Huron has so many fish to choose from that it is hard to pick.

There are Salmon, Trout, Walleye and more. Lake Michigan is also known for its nice Salmon, Trout and Walleye bite. And Lake Superior has giant-sized Lake Trout and Salmon and other Trout varieties, Walleye and Northern pike. There are so many Michigan Fishing Charters all over these Lake’s coasts and in many harbors and marinas.

Lake St. Claire is a large-sized lake located in Detroit that is famous for the hard-hitting monster Muskellunge or “Muskies” that frequent the waters here on the Lake. Along with Muskies, you can find Walleye and Small and Bigmouth Bass. But Lake St. Claire is not the only inland lake with excellent fishing. Some of the best Bass fishing is found here, with several of these lakes making the top 100 Bass Lakes in the country.

The rivers are also teeming with fish. There are miles and miles of waterways perfect for fly fishermen looking to cast one and land a big Trout or Salmon. Along with Salmon and Trout, you will find Bass and even Walleye and Muskellunge lurking in the crystal clear, cold water. Some of the more popular rivers are the St. Joseph River, which enters into Lake Michigan, St. Marys River, which connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron, St. Claire River, which starts at Lake Huron and empties into Lake St. Claire and the Manistee River System in the lower Michigan peninsula empties into Lake Michigan and is famous for its Salmon and Trout fishing.

There are many more lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and creeks. Michigan fishing is for everyone, and there are Michigan Fishing Charters ready for you wherever you are. For family fun looking to reel in some dinner, a 4-hour trip might be the right choice. If you want to catch the bigger fish, you will need to spend a day on the water, and if you want to venture into the streams, a guided tour is recommended, as they will know where to go and will get you reeling in large sized Trout and Salmon all day long.

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