Have you ever wanted to catch one of the world’s largest bonefish (O’io)? Then you have to come fish at Molokai, one of the smaller islands in Hawaii. Molokai is known for its incredible flats fishing. It ranks up there with Belize and the Bahamas as one of the best places to bonefish. But bonefish are just one fish that anglers can land on a trip to the island. Offshore and inshore, the waters are teeming with life. Many professional Molokai fishing charters and guides take you to the flats or offshore to fight with the giants.

Yes, there are giants out in the waters off the coast. Pacific Blue Marlin (Makaira) and Black Marlin (A’u) are some of the world’s biggest fish and can be found in the deep waters here. Some are over 1,000 pounds but usually average around 200 pounds. Other fish that can be reeled in are Striped Marlin (Nairagi), Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi), Wahoo (Ono) and Dolphin Fish (Mahi-Mahi). Sailfish (A’u Lepe), Swordfish (shutome) and Moonfish (Opah) are rarer but can still be found in these waters. All of these fish are big and will give you a battle.

Closer to shore are the reefs that surround the island. You will find Snapper of many varieties, Grouper (hapu’upu’u), Hogfish (a’awa Kitsune-bera}  and other bottom feeders here. There are also lots of other fish that make the reefs home, like Triggerfish (humuhumunukunukuāpua’a), Barracuda (Kaku) and Amberjacks (Kahala).

Molokai may be small, but the fishing is big. Some of the best fishing in the Hawaiian Islands is found here. As an angler, you owe yourself to come to Molokai to fish for the fish of your dreams. Because the fish are so close to shore, a half-day charter may be good for you, especially if you want to target bonefish or reef fish. But if you’re going to battle the monsters of the deep, a full day aboard with an experienced Molokai fishing charter may be the way to go. Most charters leave from the Kaunakakai Harbor. No matter what type of charter you decide, the knowledgeable local captains will take you to where the fish are and make your day on the water exciting, fun and full of fish.

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