On Kauai, there are two harbors: Nawiliwili Harbor on the island’s eastern side and Port Allen Harbor in the southern part. From here, many Kauai fishing charters leave for the fishing grounds just 30 minutes away. So when you book a charter, you will spend much more time fishing and less time riding to a fishing grounds hours away. You can be trolling for the big gamefish that call Hawaii home almost right after leaving the harbor.

The main draw for anglers is the Pacific Blue Marlin (Makaira). The largest in the world at over 1800 pounds was caught between Oahu and Kauai. Along with the Blue Marlin, there are also Black Marlin (A’u) and Striped Marlin (Nairagi), as well as other trophy fish that roam the deeper waters like Yellowtail Tuna (Ahi), Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) and Wahoo (Ono). Other sizeable pelagic fish that are found in these waters are Skipjack Tuna (Aku), Moonfish (Opah), Swordfish (shutome) and Sailfish (A’u Lepe).

The “Deep 7” are found in the reefs closer to home. They are Long Tail Red Snapper (onaga), Pink Snapper (opakapaka), Ruby Snapper (ehu), Von Siebold’s Snapper (kalekale), Oblique-Banded Snapper (gindai), Silver Mouth Snapper (lehi) and Hawaiian Grouper (hapu’upu’u). Along with these fish, many others call the reefs surrounding the island home.

You will need one of the many professional Kauai fishing charters with their knowledgeable captains and crews to find the fish and reel them in. Because the fishing grounds are close, you can opt for a half-day (4 hours), but if you really want to land one of the giant monsters, you will probably want to go a full day out on the water. Half days are good for reef fishing and families.

Kauai is a beautiful island nicknamed “The Garden Isle” because it has lush green forests and many botanical gardens all over the island. There are white sandy beaches and volcanic mountains, but most importantly, there is some epic fishing. Whatever your skill level, there is a fishing charter just for you. If you plan a trip to Hawaii, you should take advantage of this beautiful island with some of the best fishing in the world.

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