Mosquito Lagoon is 21 miles of extreme beauty and one of the best inshore fishing experiences in all of Florida. The Lagoon has all that you look for in a fisherman’s paradise. There are grassy flats, sandbars, creeks, shoals and islands. There are also many secret holes and hidden spots local captains of the many Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters know of.

Hiring them is one of your best chances to navigate the Mosquito Lagoon’s backcountry mazes. The other thing you need to be an angler’s destination is fish, and Mosquito Lagoon has plenty of them. It has been called “The Redfish Capital of the World” because they are found year-round giant-sized.

Along with Redfish are other hard-hitting Speckled Trout, Snook, Tarpon and Jack Crevalle, which are ready to test your fishing skills.

Mosquito Lagoon runs from New Smyrna Beach in the North to Eddy Creek in the South. The middle of the Lagoon may have the most known and famous part, Tiger Shoals with a sunken plane is a popular site where fish like to congregate and feed. To the west is a set of islands known as “The Clinkers.” These are great when you want to get out of the elements because they block the wind, and there are still great places for big Redfish.

North is the Smyrna Inlet, where the tides bring tons of food and large Seatrout and Reds. The Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve is centrally located, and south is Eddy Creek, another popular fishing ground for big reds.

Mosquito Lagoon is large, and it would take a few weeks to explore all of the fishing spots located in the Lagoon. Getting together with experienced and knowledgeable captains on one of the many fishing charters is best to maximize your days. You can find them running out of New Smyrna and Edgewater in the North, Oak Hill centrally located near the preserve and Titusville located on the Indian River near the Haulover Canal linking the river with the Lagoon. Enjoy a day enjoying the beauty of nature while enjoying amazing rod-bending action!

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Mosquito Lagoon, FL

Avg. rate for 2022

  • 4 hr – $450 for 2 anglers
  • 6 hr – $550 for 2 anglers
  • 8 hr – $800 for 2 anglers

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