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Chokoloskee Island is one of the Ten Thousand Islands off the Southwestern coast of the Everglades National Park. It is also a fantastic place for a fishing vacation because the waters in and around the islands are teeming with fish. To really be able to get around and to the hot spots, you need to charter a Chokoloskee Fishing Charter.

The captains are locals that can navigate all the mazes between the islands and know where the best and hidden spots are. Without them, your chances of getting lost are very great, and they will put you on the fish!

Inshore and backcountry fishing is where it is at in Chokoloskee. There is Chokoloskee Bay, and to the north, there is Fakahatchee Bay. There are also many rivers, creeks, sand and mud flats, mangroves, oyster bars and, of course, hundreds of islands, big and small. In the waters, many trophy fish will give you reel screaming action like huge Redfish, Snook, Seatrout, Pompano, Jacks and Tarpon. There are also bottom feeders like Snapper, Grouper and Sheepshead and other fun fish with lots of action roaming the reefs and outer waters like Cobia, King and Spanish Mackerel Tripletail and Sharks. Catching many different species of fish in one trip is commonplace with the sheer number and varieties of the fish.

Most of the waters are sheltered, so they are not rough making it perfect for families and those prone to seasickness. But these waters are also designed for the serious angler dropping a line or casting a fly looking to land a trophy. Knowledgeable guides run many professional local Chokoloskee Fishing Charters. You can have fun during a half day exploring the hot spots or spend more time roaming the islands looking for the big ones at some of the guides’ sweet hidden fishing holes.

Chokoloskee Fishing Seasons

Chokoloskee offers an ideal playground for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Throughout the year, anglers can immerse themselves in the diverse fishing seasons that showcase the area’s rich marine life.

Chokoloskee Weather Conditions

Chokoloskee, Florida, enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Chokoloskee, FL

The average prices vary depending on what you are looking for:


  • 4 hr – $550 for 2 anglers
  • 6 hr – $710 for 2 anglers
  • 8 hr – $815 for 2 anglers

Shark Fishing

  • 4 hr – $550
  • 6 hr – $700

Tarpon/ Snook Fishing

    • 4 hr – $600
    • 6 hr -$750
    • 8 hr – $825

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