Do you want to fight big sportfish? How about being embraced by some of the most beautiful nature with snowcapped mountains and lush green forests? In Valdez, Alaska, you can have them both. Valdez is a small fishing town with many Valdez Fishing Charters that is not as known as the other fishing towns like Homer and Ketchikan and is a little out of the way, but it is so worth the trip. The Port of Valdez and Prince William Sound are teeming with life, from Salmon and Halibut to Whales and Porpoise.

Many Valdez Fishing Charters head out to the Prince William Sound where giant “Door Mat” Pacific Halibut live. To get to the fishing grounds, you have to go offshore, but during your trip, you can troll for Salmon and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Once at the fishing grounds, you will not only catch Halibut, the average size is around 25 pounds, but 100+ pounders are not uncommon, but also huge Lingcod and Rockfish. The grounds are very fertile, and while a little trip away, it is very worth it.

The other main catch in Valdez is Salmon. Over a million Salmon enter the Port of Valdez every year, which makes landing these tasty fish much easier. Siver and Red Salmon are abundant, while Chinook or King Salmon are commonly reeled in too.

Another fish that is commonly hooked is the Salmon Shark. These sharks look a lot like a Great White and fight like a Mako. This large fish puts up quite a fight, but it is worth it.

The best time to visit Valdez is in the summer when the Salmon are running and the Halibut is at its highest abundance. A very popular fishing derby each summer brings anglers from all over the state. While not common, there are many 300+ pounders brought in, but the average is around 50 pounds and 100+ pound multiple fish are easy to accomplish,

Valdez Fishing Charters can range from half-day trips to the Port to full-day and extended-day excursions out to the Sound. The Port trips are perfect for families, while offshore trips take 10-12+ hours for day trips and can last a day or days on the water. Note that these charters are not for novices and not for seasick-prone because the waves get rough.

The beauty of nature surrounds Valdez as you cruise the waters in your Valdez Fishing Charter. Look up, and you will see eagles soaring, and look around, and you might see bears or sea lions. And go fishing for Halibut and Salmon, and you will battle with the beasts of the sea that every angler dreams about.

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