Sitka is located in the Southeastern part of Alaska on the island of Baranof. It has some of the best fishing in Alaska, and despite the difficulty of getting there, anglers flock to the island to catch large Halibut and King Salmon. Plenty of guides will take you to the Pacific Ocean and the barrier islands for a day of fun fishing.

Sitka is a fishing destination for many reasons. First, the fishery and fishing grounds are not far from the docks, meaning you will be in for a full day of fishing and not spend half the day trying to reach the fishing grounds. There are plenty of places out in the Pacific Ocean when weather permits and many barrier islands for calmer fishing when the weather kicks up. These islands are also perfect for families and are seasick-prone. Finally, the fish here in Sitka are plentiful and large. It is not uncommon to pull up a 100+ pound “Door Mat” Pacific Halibut or a big 60-pound King Salmon(Chinook).

Sitka is a little hard to get to, you have to take a ferry to the island after taking a plane to the mainland, but as far as a fisherman is concerned, it is well worth it. There are not many places like it in Alaska. The beauty of nature with snowcapped mountains in the distance and a quaint town with lovely residents will make you feel at home. Encounters with whales, seals, and other marine mammals are possible. If you are a serious angler and want to tick off giant Halibut and Salmon your bucket list, then Sitka is the place for you.

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