Popular Fishing Destinations in Costa Rica


Located between the countries of Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, Costa Rica, meaning Rich Coast, truly lives up to its namesake.

With shores along both the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west, Costa Rica is abundant with natural resources. Pristine beaches, lush tropical rainforests, stunning cliffs, raging rapids on its many rivers, more than 200 volcanoes, 10 of them considered active, and rich, warm waters abundant with marine life makes Costa Rica a treasure of biodiversity.

Costa Rica is known as one of the world’s best sport fishing destinations. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is world famous for its deep sea fishing, particularly billfish. With resort cities and small fishing villages all along the Pacific coast there is sure to be a Costa Rica fishing vacation to suit any angler’s tastes and budget.

Costa Rica is a peaceful, democratic nation with a well developed infrastructure, a good highway system, and a regional airline, Sansa Air, which has daily flights to all of the best fishing locations in Costa Rica from the capital city of San Jose. The native people of Costa Rica are friendly and courteous, always willing to point a traveler in the right direction for the best in local flavor.

Northern Pacific

In the Northern Pacific region of Costa Rica, along its famous Gold Coast you will find the popular fishing destinations of Tamarindo, Flamingo, and Playa del Coco. Tamarindo, on the northwest side of the Nicoya Peninsula offers the best of surfing, sailing, fishing and nightlife. ATV tours, golfing, shopping, turtle watching and more are offered in this beautiful beach community. Tamarindo’s location just 20 minutes off the continental shelf by boat makes it a spectacular place for deep water fishing.

Central Pacific

From Puntarenas at the north end, and Mata Palo at the south, Costa Rica’s Central Pacific region provides miles of stunning coastline with sandy beaches and jagged cliffs amid a lush forest background. The area near Quepos is home to the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park which features a diverse ecosystem including mangroves, lagoons, white sandy beaches, lush dense rainforest, and an unparalleled number and diversity of wildlife.

South Pacific

The South Pacific Region of Costa Rica features the remote and rugged Osa Peninsula, one of Costa Rica’s true treasures. The area is not as popular of a travel destination as its northern neighbors, but that is certainly not due to a lack of natural beauty, friendly people, pristine beaches, lush rainforest, exciting adventures, or fabulous fishing. The South Pacific Region has it all. The rainforest on the Osa peninsula is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth.


Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastal region is an often overlooked fishing destination, but exciting inshore fishing for huge tarpon and snook make Costa Rica’s East Coast worth a second look. Wild, unspoiled beaches run all along the coast, and wildlife refuges, and national parks among the dense rainforest areas offer a taste of true jungle paradise.

No matter which destination you choose, when you choose Costa Rica as your fishing vacation destination, you will not be disappointed. From the sleepy fishing villages and luxurious resort communities of the west coast, to the colorful Caribbean communities of the east coast, Costa Rica is truly a land of coastal riches. Eco-tours of the rainforest wildlife, fun and exciting water sports, the freshest local cuisine, warm and friendly local people, and some of the world’s greatest deep water and inshore sport fishing make Costa Rica an unforgettable spot for your next fishing vacation.

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