Popular Fishing Destinations in the US Virgin Islands


The US Virgin Islands is where the best of sportfishing comes together. Are you dreaming of azure skies, deep blue seas, incredible fishing excursions, and robust island culture? Then this is the place to be. Anglers of all ages and experience are welcome here — the fishing is unsurpassed, as proven by over twenty world records that have been set on any one of the three Saints that make up the island chain: St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John.

Fishing expeditions are top-notch, and visitors here will have a plethora of choices. Find a professional, licensed outfit to guide you, and not only will your captain have a wealth of history and knowledge at your disposal, but your deep sea fishing trip will surely be the highlight of your vacation. Sitting at the very edge of the six-mile-deep Puerto Rico Trench, the US Virgin Islands are in an area recognized for having some of the most challenging fishing in the world. There are numerous species of fish to be wrangled all year long, including Atlantic Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, and Wahoo. Sailfish and Dolphin Fish are more plentiful between October through January, but no matter what type of fish you enjoy hunting or what time of year you find yourself in this beautiful corner of the globe, get ready to fight some larger-than-normal and meaner-than-normal game! Prepare to work long and hard when hunting the larger species of fish; they will strike suddenly and with no warning, and Marlin and Wahoo, in particular, are famous for fighting for hours at a time, making a successful duel that much more rewarding. Wahoos are incredibly ferocious for their size and will strike fast, racing quickly from the boat at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. According to local knowledge, Marlin is said to become more aggressive and feisty the week before and after a full moon, so if you can plan your trip accordingly, all the better.

Chartering a deep-sea fishing trip is not cheap: a full day Marlin excursion will run upwards of $1,000, with quarter and half-day trips ranging from $400 to $800. However, the cost can be divided between a maximum of six anglers, and ‘split boats’ can be arranged where two different parties can share one vessel,significantly lowering the overall price tag. Once the boat has cast off, you can choose two options: troll slowly until the drop-off destination is reached, and then the actual hunt for more prominent species begins, or head full throttle for the desired drop-off spot, which is optimal if Marlin fishing is your primary pursuit. Aside from boasting some of the best fishing globally, the US Virgin Islands also has the most artistically rich, culturally, and ethnically diverse society in all of the tropics. The locals are amiable, and the modern US Virgin Islands is a virtual international melting pot, with residents settling here from all across the globe, including Africa, England, Spain, Holland, Denmark, France, India, and of course, the United States.

Nowhere else in the Caribbean will you find an amalgamation of such incredible vacation value: exquisite, secluded beaches, wild national parks and campgrounds, world-class diving, sailing, and sunbathing, not to mention fascinating ecological tours, a diverse international art scene, duty-free shopping-til-you-drop, and fine dining at it’s best to go along with an energetic, up-til-dawn nightlife. But the centerpiece here, without a doubt, is the quality of sports fishing. No matter which island you decide to visit, while vacationing in the US Virgin Islands, you will discover a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.

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