Bermuda is a tiny 20 square mile island 650 miles east of North Carolina in the warm Gulf Stream waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda is a territory of the United Kingdom. No part of Bermuda is more than ½ mile from the ocean, which makes Bermuda uniquely connected to the sea. Water sports abound in Bermuda and fishing is one of the most popular sports on the island.

The crystal clear blue waters are teeming with life and anglers from all over the world flock to Bermuda to try for that record catch. Other water sports that are popular on Bermuda include kayaking, parasailing, and water skiing in the many protected bays and inlets all along the coastline. Sailing is also a very popular sport in Bermuda. Snorkeling and scuba are also popular as Bermuda boasts a large coral reef and many ancient shipwrecks throughout its waters loaded with reef creatures which make for a fascinating and fun diving adventure. Bermuda boast a maritime museum where you can swim with dolphins for a wildlife adventure to remember. Bermuda has many limestone caves throughout the island to explore. Crystal Caves, one of the largest, is a breathtaking display of stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal formations as well as an underground lake that will leave visitors with an enchanted sense of wonder. The shores of Bermuda have many beaches which boast sparkling pink sand. Many larger beaches offer concessions and equipment rental, while smaller, secluded beaches in the many coves and inlets are a paradise for a private getaway.

Bermuda is home to 8 championship golf courses. World renowned shopping in Hamilton city offers visitors the best in local gold jewelry, cedar work, art galleries, charming boutiques and of course, Bermuda shorts. Dining choices range from elegant formal dining, to ultra casual meals featuring the best in local seafood. There are several pubs and nightclubs, live music, theater, and dance throughout Bermuda for fun and excitement after dark. Night cruises are another fun way to spend an evening.

Getting Around in Bermuda

Rental cars are not available on Bermuda to protect its natural beauty, but taxi, bus, ferry, and carriage rides are widely available. Many people find the most fun way to explore Bermuda is to rent scooters. Bermuda’s location off the Atlantic seaboard means that many flights from major U.S. cities take less than 2 hours, making it very accessible to everyone. Bermuda’s International Airport has non-stop service from many eastern U.S. cities as well as Toronto, Halifax, and London. Airlines servicing Bermuda include: American, Air Canada, British Airways, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, United, U.S. Air, and Zoom. Bermuda has many different accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. From ritzy resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts, to modest hotels, all offer friendly people and proximity to all of Bermuda’s wonderful attractions.

Charter Fishing in Bermuda

Bermuda has great opportunities for deep sea offshore fishing, reef fishing, and inshore fishing. Fish species caught offshore include blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, great amberjack, blackfin tuna, great barracuda, skipjack, rainbow runner, and little tunny. Reef fishing in Bermuda is great for yellowtail snapper, lane snapper, great barracuda, grey snapper, triggerfish, little tunny, and Bermuda chub. You can also go inshore fly fishing and beach fishing for bonefish, pompano, barracuda, and snapper.

Charters are widely available year round with the best fishing season in Bermuda from April to November. Bermuda is a sub tropical climate with winter high temperature averaging around 65 degrees and summer temperatures averaging between 75 and 85 degrees. The weather is typically sunny with the occasional rain shower. Wahoo, yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna are caught year round in Bermuda; with the action starting to pick up for these fish is April. Starting in May, blue and white marlin are also caught, with June, July, and August being the peak season for marlin, tuna, wahoo, bonito, rainbow runner, barracuda, amberjack, and the occasional shark. September through November, are excellent for wahoo, yellowfin, and billfish as well. Inshore fishing is equally good year round for all inshore and beach species.

Bermuda offers the very best in a charter fishing destination. Crystal clear waters, convenient location, beautiful pink beaches, lovely people and accommodations, a fun and active nightlife, quaint shopping, awesome coral reefs and shipwrecks for scuba, and great offshore, reef, and inshore fishing for a variety of species makes Bermuda a prime location for a terrific charter fishing vacation.

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