Pensacola Fishing Charters

Are you looking for a fishing destination that has it all? Then Pensacola may be the perfect fishing spot for you. Located on the Florida Panhandle just east of Orange Beach, Alabama and West of Destin, the Gulf of Mexico waters in Pensacola are teeming with life. There are plenty of professional Pensacola fishing charters to take you out on the water for a day you will not forget. There is excellent fishing inshore, nearshore, and offshore, so your experienced fishing guide can put you on the fish, whichever trip you decide to take.

The inshore calm waters and flats of Pensacola Bay and the
Intercoastal Waterways are great places for families and those prone to seasickness. You can spend a half-day or a full day cruising the shallow flats looking for Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Sheepshead. You will return to the dock with plenty of great memories and great-tasting fish. For those looking for a real battle, giant Tarpon migrate to the bay and outside in the Pensacola Sound in the summertime, ready to give a fight as you try your best to reel them in.

Nearshore, which can take up to 9 miles off the coast, is full of artificial reefs that house many bottom fish like Grouper and Snapper, Cobia, Amberjacks, Triggerfish and more. Your experienced local Pensacola fishing charter captains will take you to where the fish are and show you tips and tricks so that you can have a great day on the water.

Offshore is where you can find one of the Gulf region’s most sought-after fish, the Red Snapper. During the summer, when they are in season, many anglers from all over come to the Gulf to fish and catch these delicious fish. In addition, you can hook into Black Snapper, Grouper, Sea Bass, and more, along with the Red Snapper.

Suppose you want to head out to the deep blue waters of the Gulf. In that case, you need to book a full extended day excursion with your Pensacola fishing charter because you will need to go out 80 or so miles offshore. But the time spent going out can be filled with trolling for Mackerel and Mahi. Once you reach the fishing grounds, you can hope for real fights with Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin. It is so worth it to go the extra miles when one of these monsters take your hook, and then it is game on! As you reel them in, they will jump and dance, making the experience much more exciting.

Pensacola may not be as well known as other spots in Florida for fishing, but that is ok for many anglers who know the beauty of the area and the bounty they can bring in. So if you want to go out and not be one of many fishing boats in one place, then a Pensacola fishing charter is what you are looking for. It is the best of both worlds as you are fishing the same waters just with less competition, so it is easier for you to come home with a cooler full of fish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Pensacola, FL?

The average prices vary depending on what you are looking for


  • 4 hr – $0.00 not able to go offshore for this time…minimum of 5 hours
  • 5 hr – $755 for 4 anglers
  • 6 hr – $1253 for 6 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1470 for 6 anglers
  • 10 hr – $1954 for 6 anglers


  • 4 hr – $723 for 4 anglers
  • 6 hr – $830 for 4 anglers
  • 8 hr- $940 for 4 anglers


  • 4 hr – $569 for 2 anglers
  • 6 hr – $775 for 2 anglers
  • 8 hr – $867 for 2 anglers


  • 4 hr – $659
  • 6 hr – $1300

Party Boat

    • 6 hr – $110/individual
    • 8 hr – $125/individual


    • 8 hr – $1900 for 25 anglers

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