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Outer Banks

Top Rated Fishing Charters in Outer Banks


The Outer Banks of North Carolina, while known for its extensive fishing opportunities, is also amongst one of the Top 10 beaches in the United States. For those traveling with you who do not fish, a variety of other activities such as parks/wildlife as well as enjoying its many beaches, are a few options for them in the Outer Banks. Come to the Outer Banks! Known for some of the United States’ best angling water, the Outer Banks is ultimately a paradise for sport fishing enthusiasts everywhere!

Whether you enjoy inshore or offshore fishing most, the Outer Banks offers a variety of fishing charter opportunities to tickle your fancy. Whether into sport fishing or saltwater fishing, Outer Banks fishing is some of the best in the world. Inshore fishing, best known for its bottom fishing, trolling, hugging, light tackle and fly fishing variations, is home to success of many locals. Whether rockfish, kingfish, redfish, bluefish, flounder, speckled trout or Spanish Mackerel, the Outer Banks is world-class fishing at its finest.

A fishing charter takes you offshore or inshore and teaches you local strategies to catching popular fish in the near water. The experience can be half day or full day and is affordable for all enthusiast. Come out hoping to catch tons of fish, because you most likely will. You also can try a variety of methods to catch specific fish as well! All of this information will broaden your fishing knowledge bank and create a memorable experience for you to never forget. Perhaps you’ll come again too?

Fishing charters also provide offshore fishing opportunities. Deep sea fishing or saltwater fishing are popular in the waters of the Atlantic. Offshore fishing yields a variety of catches for local and professional fishing enthusiasts. Whether on a fishing charter or not, some popular catches include: wahoo, marlin, sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, and three types of tuna, yellow fin, bluefin, and blackfish. Whether trolling or kite fishing, offshore fishing opportunities on the Outer Banks are popular and memorable experiences for all fishing enthusiasts.

The Outer Banks continues to be a popular North Carolina shore vacation destination. Just a few hundred miles away from Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Virginia, the Outer Banks is simply a few hours’ drive away. What are you waiting for? Both you and your family can enjoy a tropical fishing experience for less. We’re waiting for you!