Scientifically referred to as Caranx hippos, the Jack Crevalle is celebrated for its resilience and dynamic combat when hooked. The Jack Crevalle is a choice catch among anglers worldwide. Its reputation as a hard-fighting fish lends it a particular allure in the angling world, making it a high-profile target for many.

Description of the Jack Crevalle

The Jack Crevalle is a strong, swift-swimming member of the jack family, Carangidae. Notable characteristics include its powerful, streamlined physique, a blunt head featuring a small mouth, and eye-catching color.

Size and Physical Characteristics

Adult Jack Crevalle typically measures between 20 to 35 inches in length and can weigh up to an impressive 60 pounds. The species can be distinguished from other jack species by a characteristic yellowish belly and a distinct dark spot at the base of the pectoral fin.

Geographic Distribution

The Jack Crevalle is found extensively in both the tropical and temperate regions of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from Nova Scotia to Uruguay. The factors that significantly influence its distribution include water temperature, salinity, and the availability of its preferred prey.


The Jack Crevalle is known to inhabit diverse marine environments, from muddy bays to clear offshore waters. It has a particular preference for structures such as piers and reefs. Their streamlined bodies are perfectly adapted for swift navigation, enabling them to actively pursue prey and evade predators efficiently.

Diet and Feeding Habits

The dietary regimen of Jack Crevalle mainly consists of small fish, shrimp, and squids. They are active hunters and often hunt in coordinated schools, employing strategic chase and corner tactics to trap their prey effectively.

Fishing for Jack Crevalle

Although the best times for catching Jack Crevalle can vary based on location, generally, the period from late spring to early fall is considered the most productive. Renowned areas for Jack Crevalle fishing include the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coasts of both North and South America. For successful catches, anglers often use medium-heavy tackle equipped with live bait or reflective lures designed to catch the fish’s attention.

The Fight

Once hooked, the Jack Crevalle is famous for its determined and tenacious fight, marked by powerful runs and abrupt changes in direction. To successfully reel in a Jack Crevalle, anglers need to exhibit patience and endurance, along with a well-prepared gear setup to withstand the fish’s vigorous efforts to escape.

Jack Crevalle’s spirited fight, versatility, and widespread distribution make it an intriguing and respected species among the angling community. Nevertheless, to continue its population, it is crucial to adopt sustainable fishing practices. This commitment to responsible fishing serves Jack Crevalle and echoes the broader call for the conservation of marine ecosystems worldwide.

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