The Almaco Jack (Seriola rivoliana) is a dynamic and spirited fish, respected among the angling community for its fighting prowess and the exhilarating experience it provides. Besides its popularity in sportfishing, the Almaco Jack also holds substantial value in commercial fishing and aquaculture sectors, contributing significantly to economies reliant on marine resources.

Description of the Almaco Jack

Belonging to the Carangidae family, the Almaco Jack is a pelagic species known for its elongated, sturdy body and distinctive dorsal fin. The fish’s impressive strength, streamlined design, and integral role in various marine ecosystems, coupled with its appeal in regional culinary traditions, make it a truly remarkable species.

Size and Physical Characteristics

Almaco Jacks generally measure between 24 to 40 inches in length. However, some individuals have been recorded to grow as long as 63 inches. They are characterized by their olive-green to brownish-black hue, with the color gradient lightening towards their belly. The species distinguishes itself with a more substantial body and a pronounced anterior lobe in the second dorsal fin compared to other jacks.

Size and Physical Characteristics

Almaco Jacks are found across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Their range spans from Massachusetts to Brazil in the Atlantic and from southern California to Peru in the Pacific. The distribution of Almaco Jacks is largely influenced by water temperature, the patterns of oceanic currents, and the availability of prey in the area.


Almaco Jacks typically inhabit deep offshore waters, favoring areas around reefs and underwater mounts. They show an affinity for warm waters and are known to exhibit considerable vertical movements within the water column, adapting to various depths to optimize food availability and predator avoidance.

Diet and Feeding Habits

Almaco Jacks mainly feed on small fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans. As opportunistic predators, they are known to use their speed and agility to chase down their prey in open water, showcasing their highly efficient predatory skills.

Fishing for Almaco Jack

Almaco Jacks are available for fishing throughout the year, with peak seasons often falling in the warmer months. Ideal locations to fish for Almaco Jacks include offshore reefs and sea mounts. Fishing techniques commonly used include:
The Almaco Jack’s robust strength and swiftness often necessitate heavier tackle to land one successfully.

The Fight

Almaco Jacks are known for their vigorous runs and exceptional stamina, providing a challenging fight once hooked. Anglers are required to maintain consistent pressure to prevent the fish from diving deeper and to manage its energetic movements. Successfully catching an Almaco Jack calls for skill, significant strength, and endurance from the angler.
The Almaco Jack has distinctive characteristics, puts up a robust fight, and delivers thrills for all anglers lucky to hook up with one. It has carved a niche for itself as a fascinating fish species. Its significant contribution to marine biodiversity and the fishing industry is unquestionable. As we continue to interact with and rely on these remarkable creatures, it becomes increasingly important to uphold sustainable fishing practices. This is vital not only for maintaining healthy Almaco Jack populations but also for ensuring the overall well-being of our oceans.
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