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Pearl Fishing Oahu provides the best fishing experience in the Hawaiian Islands. We offer a fully guided fishing charter, luxury charter boat and friendly service. Our captain has over 35 years of experience and is an expert in finding the big fish. We fish for many species of large pelagic fish in one of the most productive waters in the world.

Captain Freed is an experienced, professional fisherman and charter captain based in Oahu, Hawaii. He is a local who started his career at a young age and has been fishing in the deep blue waters of Hawaii for over 35 years. His unparalleled expertise and knowledge allow him to take customers on an unforgettable deep-sea fishing experience.

The Pamela Pearl is a 35 ft. Bertram was named after Captain Freed’s mom – the matriarch of this fishing family. All aboard will feel her spirit as they take off on their adventure. The boat is built for fishing with a flybridge, livewell and plenty of room for six anglers to fish without tangled lines. With its luxurious features of a salon with sofa and sleeper beds for resting after a long battle with the fish of your dream, it’s no wonder why so many visitors to Haleiwa choose to go out on this vessel for their fishing trips.

Oahu deep sea fishing charters are a great way to experience the incredible variety of fish species you can find in the Hawaiian waters. The main target species include Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Ono, Yellowfin (Ahi) and Skipjack Tuna (Aku), all providing an exciting challenge for any angler. Nearshore bottom fishing charters offer anglers a chance to catch more than a dozen species of fish in local waters. Species commonly targeted include goatfish, jacks, wrasse, triggers, snappers and amberjacks.

Captain Freed is very knowledgeable about the area where you will be fishing and knows many techniques to put you on the fish. Before fishing, you will catch baitfish, usually mackerel, then head out for your day. For nearshore fishing, he uses light tackle to target a wide variety of reef fish. When going offshore, trolling and high-speed trolling at the six FADs are the two main techniques utilized. Captain Freed knows what bait to get the fish biting to make your day on the water full of action and exhilaration.

There are two charter options; half-day and full-day. With the fishing grounds not that far offshore, even on a half-day charter, you still get a lot of fishing in. You will head towards the FADs, get your lines in, and look for a battle. But if you want something a little calmer, going on a half-day reef fishing charter is excellent for families but still filled with action and fun. Full-day charters are for those that want to spend the day out fighting with some of the largest pelagic fish on the planet. Captain Freed also offers overnight charters.

30-130 class Pen rods and reels and top-line tackle are provided. Bring some sunscreen, a hat, polarized sunglasses, a camera and a great attitude because you are in for a day you will never forget. Beverages and food are not provided, so you will need to bring your own. After docking, the crew will fillet your fish for your dinner table or a local restaurant to prepare a delicious meal for you.

Pearl Fishing Charter Oahu offers a truly unique and memorable experience for those looking to explore the waters of Hawaii. With knowledgeable guides and top-notch equipment, novices or experienced anglers alike can enjoy the thrill of catching big game fish in the tranquil and productive Hawaiian waters. The breathtaking scenery, incredible fish and wildlife encountered along the way make for an experience that is both rewarding and fun.

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Fishing Charter Rates

  • Half Day Fishing Charters
    $ 1,400.00
  • Full Day Fishing Charters
    $ 1,700.00

Google Reviews

47 reviews
  • Justin Byers
    Justin Byers
    2 weeks ago

    I’ve had a few trips with captain freed and I can’t say enough about how good it has been. Very professional and he has a deep knowledge of the fishing conditions and the best bet for a good day. Will definitely continue to choose him for deep sea here in Oahu.

  • dg3701
    a year ago

    My dad and I went out on the Pamela Pearl on 1/9/2023 and the experience was everything we had hoped for. We chose to go out because of their average review was 5 stars and hoped for the best. I’ve done 2 deep sea fishing trips in the past and this was the first one where I felt the captain was an elite fisherman and had a drive to go after the big fish. I went in with the understanding that the odds of catching a big marlin in January would be tough due to this being the “off season” and the captain was honest that it’d be a long day working a lot of miles if we were going to have a chance. We went and caught live bait (they let us even participate) and we brought in 20+ bait fish while sharks swam below also feeding off the school. Then we spent 2.5 hours going after Marlin with no luck. He knew we wanted to catch at least one for dinner, so he took us into a bit shallower water where we proceeded to catch 5 fish that were between 20-40lbs and put up a nice fight. We kept one and put the rest back we decided to spend the rest of the day going after Marlin. He let us sit up with him and he provided insight into what we were looking for. After 2.5 more hours we hooked a big Blue Marlin and the fight was on. The captain provided great guidance on how to fight the fish and it took about 20-25 minutes between hooking it and landing it on the boat. Overall it was the bucket list type experience that’s worth paying a professional for. I really enjoyed the dynamic of working with a commercial style fishing guide (they keep the fish and sell at market) because it was very clear he was there to catch a fish and as big as possible. I’ve done a lot of guided trips over the years and he was definitely the most focused guide I’ve worked with. I’d definitely go out again with this crew! Not sure of the exact weight, but the pictures show it was a nice catch. We covered over 60 miles for the day according to the captain.

  • Casey Wyckoff
    Casey Wyckoff
    4 months ago

    Captain Freed and Deckhand Kalani were amazing. Mid-day fishing and they still managed to get us into some great fishing! Very much look forward to returning and would recommend to my friends.

  • Leviticus Cole
    Leviticus Cole
    a year ago

    I cannot say enough good things about Captain AJ and his crew. They have all the hustle you could ask for. They are laser focused on getting on fish, and aggressive when they do. Hard hard workers. and very very experienced. I am a life long fisherman myself, back on the mainland, and I can attest to their skills and professionalism. Also, they happen to be exceptionally fun to be around. We pulled in 17 Mahi-Mahi and ate like kings.

  • Osama Mohamed
    Osama Mohamed
    2 years ago

    Before going on our family vacation to Haleiwa, I started researching fishing charters, mostly for ones that would let you keep part of your catch. It’s tough to come by because the costs for these guys is pretty high. I came across the Pamela Pearl, and after looking at photos and talking to Captain Chris Freed, I decided to go with them. Between him and Jay, we were very well informed as to what to expect in terms of fishing and seas. Going out to the spot, we stopped and loaded up on bait fish, and began trolling from there out. My brother in law lost a marlin and I landed a mahi pretty early. Once we got to the spot, it was very apparent these guys know what’s up. They had us on fish pretty quickly, some decent sized yellow-fin. Then we saw the marlin, 30’ from the boat and following the big bait. They played that marlin great, and got him to take, and the fight was on. Jay and Captain Freed were great. Captain Freed piloted the boat to make landing this fish possible and Jay was a huge asset in coaching. Afterward we had a big yellow-fin on but the hook pulled. These guys know how to get you on the fish. Will 100% book again next time we come to Hawaii.

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