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Monty’s Sunset is a famous establishment in Miami’s exciting South Beach area. Located along the beautiful Miami Beach Marina, this premier destination offers a distinctive blend of casual dining, waterfront elegance, and poolside ambiance. Whether you seek a relaxed lunch by the water’s edge or a lively evening experience with friends, Monty’s South Beach provides a memorable dining experience, especially at sunset, where breathtaking views of colored sky and city skyscape create a striking backdrop for a delightful dining experience. With its fusion of delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, and a laid-back atmosphere, Monty’s Sunset embodies the epitome of coastal charm and culinary excellence in an iconic Miami locale.

Monty’s Sunset offers a delectable array of dishes to suit every palate. Their menu features Monty’s Famous Conch & Lobster Bisque showcasing the flavors of the sea. There is a selection of fresh seafood on the raw bar, including Florida Stone Crab Claws. Sunset Tacos include Pulled Chicken and Grilled Mahi Mahi, perfect for a light yet satisfying meal. And don’t forget the mouthwatering Monty’s Signature Burger, a juicy and satisfying choice for burger fans. Monty’s Sunset is the ideal spot for lunch, dinner, happy hour, special occasions, live music, or major sporting events. With its diverse menu and stunning location, Monty’s Sunset has something for everyone.

At Monty’s Sunset in South Beach, the drink menu is a delightful mix of drinks, offering a wide selection to cater to every patron’s taste. There’s something for everyone, from their specialty cocktails and classics to craft beers, fine wines, and non-alcoholic mocktails. One standout from the specialty drinks is the renowned Pain Remover. This tropical concoction comes in three strengths depending on how much pain you are feeling. It is made with a blend of rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and orange juice, creating a refreshing and indulgent libation that perfectly complements the picture-perfect setting of Monty’s Sunset. Whether you’re a fan of classic mojitos, craft beers, or fine chardonnay or prefer a non-alcoholic mocktail, the drink menu at Monty’s Sunset has you covered.

Monty’s Sunset in South Beach is known for its vibrant live music and bustling night scene. Monty’s Sunset in South Beach offers a fantastic happy hour experience with discounted drinks and seafood specials, making it a popular spot for casual dining and people-watching. The waterfront dining experience is enhanced by the rhythmic beats and soulful melodies of talented musicians, creating an electrifying atmosphere. As the sun dips below the horizon, the ambiance transforms into a lively and spirited environment, attracting locals and tourists alike. The combination of live music, refreshing drinks, and stunning sunset views over the bay makes Monty’s Sunset the perfect destination for those seeking an unforgettable night out in the heart of Miami’s South Beach.

Monty’s Sunset in South Beach offers a unique waterfront dining experience with casual ambiance, live music, and breathtaking sunset views over the bay. It is lauded for its relaxed atmosphere, raw bar specials, and as a great place to enjoy the Miami skyline at sunset, making it a must-visit destination in the vibrant South Beach area of Miami, Florida.

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3,721 reviews
  • Nora Naatz
    Nora Naatz
    a month ago

    Local’s favorite for decades. Can’t beat the happy hour at sunset. The food is fresh and delicious. The drinks are great and affordable. After more than a decade of visiting this Monty’s we went last Friday and we had an unpleasant experience at the door. The hostess was a snappy, back talking Latina, who treated us like we are beneath her as we didn’t want to sit at the table she pointed out to us. Once we were seated in the bar area we had a great waitress ( Heather) who took great care of us and turned the mood around for all of us. We ordered the bounty and the coconut shrimp. Everything was excellent and the seafood fresh. Love this place and will always go to there no matter who they hire as hostess.

  • Heather Probst
    Heather Probst
    2 months ago

    Love Monty's! The drinks were strong and tasty! We had a dragon roll and tuna poke wontons for appetizers. Entries included the Mahi Mahi and Tropical Shrimp plates. All delicious, large portions. Great marina sunset views. Also, our server, Erika, was super friendly and made the experience even better. Highly recommend Monty's!

  • Khary Ward
    Khary Ward
    4 months ago

    We rode bikes to get here and it was hot that day, but I love the heat. It was around high noon when my son, brother and myself arrived. We didn't have to wait to get seated. I like how they had the pool in the middle of the restaurant. Take a quick swim while u wait for your meal. Better before than after anyway. I had the Philly cheesteak and it was great. My son had the chicken strips with calamari and that was good as well too. My brother had the buffalo wings and they was great as well. Overall everything was good here including the atmosphere.

  • Alex
    4 months ago

    Monty’s on Miami Beach is a taste of Key largo in miami. The staff is super attentive and accommodating. You can pull up on your boat with sufficient parking or park in the garage if you’re coming by car. We came with our dogs and the server even brought out a bowl with iced cold water without asking. The ambiance is amazing, with a view of the ocean and the big beautiful yachts. The food was fresh and delicious. The only down side was that they took the delicious crab cakes off their menu.


    I went this week to this Monty's. We ordered the fish and chips. Let me tell you. Those were the best EVER fish and chips that I have eaten. Perfectly crunchy and tender inside. We also ordered the sweet potatoes fries. Divine!! I have been in England.! So, I am impressed. I would love it if you guys have Sweet Iced Tea.

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