Avid fishermen and novices will have a great time fishing in and around Yankeetown, Florida. Yankeetown may not be one of the fishing towns you think of when you think of Florida fishing, but maybe it should. Yankeetown Fishing Charters with experienced local captains are waiting for you to come and experience a day on the water you will be talking about for some time.

While you may not experience a Marlin and other offshore trophies, you can experience many inshore trophy sportfish like Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Speckled Trout. Whether you decide to go into the flats in the backcountry or explore the inshore oyster beds and islands just offshore, you are in for a fun day with lots of action and fish.

But while you may not get a chance for a Marlin, there is still excellent offshore fishing. The fishing grounds are not far from shore and are abundant with fish. The reefs are filled with bottom feeders like Grouper, Snapper and Hogfish. At the same time, Cobia, Kingfish, and Amberjack cruise the waters, and you might also find some Sharks circling below.

When you decide it is time for a Florida fishing vacation where you will not be fighting the crowds, Yankeetown, along with its number of Yankeetown Fishing Charters, is the perfect spot. The waters inshore and offshore are teeming with fish. You can choose from 4-hour, six-hour and eight-hour trips. The four- and six-hour charters are perfect for families, while anglers wanting to get the best of the day may opt for an eight-hour charter.

Another great thing about Yankeetown is the Bay Scallop season, where you can get out and wade in the seagrass, foraging for delicious Bay Scallops. This is a fun activity for everyone. The deepest you will be going is 8-10 ft., or the depth of a swimming pool, but you can find most Scallops in the shallower waters.

Fishing Destinations Near Yankeetown, FL

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