Panama City is one of the fishing destinations you should know about if you have not yet. Located in the central part of the Florida Panhandle just east of Destin and Pensacola, Panama City is definitely an angler’s paradise. There is excellent fishing inshore, nearshore and offshore. No matter your skill level, there is something for everyone here. And there are plenty of professional Panama City Fishing Charters to take you out for a memorable day on the water.

The city is surrounded by bays and is a gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. This means that there is a wide variety of fish, from Redfish to Red Snapper to really big Marlin. Panama City has fishing year-round, so the most challenging part of fishing here in Panama City is deciding what type or types of fish you want to target on your day out.

Inshore is the St. Andrew Bay complex. This is a collection of bays, including Saint Andrew Bay, the East Bay, North Bay, and West Bay, plus the many creeks and bayous. Here in the complex is the most extensive seagrass bed system on the Emerald Coast. Located between North Bay, West Bay, and St. Andrews Bay is the Grand Lagoon, also known as the “Gateway to the Gulf.” In this vast complex are huge Bull Reds, Seatrout, Flounder, Pompano, Mackerel, Cobia, Snapper and Grouper. Fishing inshore is sure to please a family outing or a serious group of anglers looking for the big ones. Tarpon, “The Silver King,” also make their way inshore in the Summer months.

Along with the St. Andrew Bay Complex inshore is a large natural and artificial reef system off the coast. You can fish in 90 to 100 feet of water for bottom fish like Snapper, Grouper, Seabass and Triggerfish and roaming the reefs are Cobia, Mackerel, Amberjacks, and Ladyfish. Again your best bet is to charter one of the many fishing charters to take you to all of the hotspots.

On the way out to the deep blue, you can troll for King Mackerel, Mahi, Grouper, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack and Cobia. Once they get out to the open water of the Gulf, they can find true monsters of the deep.
Giant Marlin, swift Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, extra-large Tuna, and Wahoo can be hooked and reeled in. You need to charter a boat for at least 10 hours (some stay a few days out at sea) to be able to get out to the fishing grounds and back. But the thrill and exhilaration of landing a Marlin or other trophy fish are like no other and worth all the time spent getting out.

Florida has special seasons for many fish, including Red Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish, Amberjacks, and more. It would help if you took these into consideration when planning your trip to the city. But no matter what season you come, you will be put on the fish and hooked up wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Fishing in Panama City, FL

The average prices vary depending on what you are looking for:

Deep Sea Fishing
  • 4 hr – $905 for 6 anglers
  • 6 hr – $1325 for 6 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1725 for 6 anglers
  • 10 hr – $2272 for 6 anglers
  • 12 hr – $2955 for 6 anglers
  • Overnight – $6000
Nearshore Fishing
  • 4 hr – $707 for 6 anglers
  • 6 hr – $1076 for 6 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1400 for 6 anglers
Inshore Fishing
  • 4 hr – $685 for 6 anglers
  • 6 hr – $983 for 6 anglers
  • 8 hr – $1250 for 6 anglers
Shark Fishing
  • 4 hr – $720
  • 6 hr – $975
  • 8 hr – $1340
Swordfish Fishing
  • $2500
Party Boat Fishing
  • 4 hr – $75/individual
  • 6 hr – $82/individual
  • 8 hr – $90/individual
  • 10 hr – $120/individual

Fishing Destinations Near Panama City, FL

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