How to Find the Best Mini Golf Clubs in Tampa

A fun family activity when not fishing is Mini Golf. It is so popular in Tampa, Florida. There are different themes and courses. It is just fun!
For family fun for all ages in Tampa or surrounding cities like St. Petersburg or Clearwater, a great way to spend a day or evening is miniature golf. There are many miniature golf courses to choose from and each has its own charm and appeal. Whether you are local or on vacation at the beach going to a mini-golf course is fun and exciting for the kids and the kids inside all of us.

Tampa Offers Many Types Of Mini-Golf

Tampa Florida and the surrounding areas are vacation paradise. People come to Florida for the sun and the fun and one of the more fun things to do after a day on the beach is a round or two of mini-golf at one of the many mini-golf courses. There are many types of courses with different themes that are for families and for adults. Some have restaurants and bars to make a complete day or night. There are 9 hole and 18 hole courses. Whatever type of fun you are looking for Tampa Bay’s mini golf has what you are looking for.

Outdoor And Indoor Mini-Golf

While most people associate mini-golf as an outdoor activity there are also indoor courses that are also challenging and fun.
Outdoor courses allow you to

Glow In The Dark Mini-Golf

These courses are a special type of mini golf

Themed Golf Courses

There are many different kinds of themes for many courses. The entire course is designed in this theme.
These themed courses provide a fun experience with many interactive obstacles and features like waterfalls, caves, pirate ships, dinosaurs, animals and rockets. This makes the playing experience more memorable for the guests

Adult Themed Mini-Golf

A relatively new concept for mini golf is the adult-themed courses.
This is a new concept that a lot of courses are changing towards with 21+ after-dark golf. The rest of most of these courses are family-friendly.

18 Hole Mini-Golf Courses

Today most of the new courses are 18 holes with many challenging holes
On average a round of golf at a mini-golf course will take around 1 hour depending on size of your group and other groups ahead of you. There are still 9 hole courses around but many of them are older courses that do not have the technology that the new courses have, however they are much cheaper to play at.

Best Mini-Golf Courses in Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay has many mini-golf courses throughout the city and the surrounding areas. But there are a few that are a step above others. These courses offer more than just a round of golf. They have other activities, entertainment and are technically more advanced than the normal mom-and-pop mini golf courses. Here is a list of some of the top courses in the area.

Celebration Station

This amusement park is much more than just an 18 hole golf course. With bumper boats, arcade, batting cages, go-karts and a restaurant with classic American food and beverages this is not just a mini-golf course.

Congo River

With an African Safari theme this 18 hole course has waterfalls, rocky summits and tropical rainforests. After a round of golf, you can go and feed live alligators or spend some time at the arcade.

Grand Prix Tampa

There are two 18 hole fairytale-themed mini golf courses here, but just like many of the other courses on this list there is much more to do than just play golf. There are two go-kart tracks, one for kids and families and one with much faster speeds. There are also a bungy dome, rope courses, an arcade and a restaurant/bar.

Captain Bligh’s Landing

This is a pirate-themed 18 hole mini-golf course with waterfalls, caves and a pirate ship. There is even a parrot guarding the course and Captain Bligh’s treasure.

Smuggler's Cove Adventure Golf

An 18 hole min golf adventure course themed with a pirate ship and waterfalls. When you are not putting on the greens you can go look at the many large alligators and even feed them with a pole.

Top Golf

This is a different type of mini-golf course. Designed with Tiger Woods this course is more like an interactive driving range where you chip and hit microchipped balls at targets. There are lots of interactive games for beginners and experts. If you do not feel like hitting balls you can go to the arcade and play on the golden tee arcade game or any of the other games. There is a full bar and restaurant as well.

Polynesian Putter

This 18 hole mini golf course has a Jungle/Tropical Island theme and is the oldest course in this list. It has been around for decades and is still a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It is the cheapest round of golf at only $6 per person.

Polynesian Putter

This 18 hole mini golf course has a Jungle/Tropical Island theme and is the oldest course in this list. It has been around for decades and is still a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It is the cheapest round of golf at only $6 per person.

Plantation Palms Golf Club

Located at the Championship Golf Course this 18 hole mini-golf course with a tropical setting has meandering streams, waterfalls and fountains. After your round head to Mulligan’s Pub for some great food and tasty beverages.
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