Ketchikan Fishing Charters

Ketchikan, Alaska, is where many anglers come to fish for large Salmon. It is known as “The Salmon Capital of the World,” and the rivers and waters offshore have all five of the Alaskan Salmon. Along with Salmon, the waters off the coast have giant Halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish. It is an angler’s paradise with plenty of professional Ketchikan Fishing Charters ready for you.

The best time to visit and take a Ketchikan fishing Charter out to sea is in the summer and early fall. This is when the Salmon are running, and the Halibut are most plentiful. This is also the best time for combination charters targeting Salmon and Halibut. You can book shorter Halibut or Salmon charters if you do not want to spend the whole day fishing. While on these charters, there are several other fish you may reel in. Rockfish and Lingcod are part of the big four fish species found all over Alaska, but here you may also bring in delicious fish like Turbot, Red Snapper, Skate, and Dogfish, to name a few. Also, during your excursions, you are bound to see other nature life in the water and the air, with Whales, Dolphins, and Seals in the water and Eagles soaring in the skies.

Whatever your experience, there is a charter for you here in Ketchikan. Calmer inlets and bays for shorter trips or go out to rougher straits leading to the Pacific Ocean. These Ketchikan Fishing Charters captains are locals who know the ins and outs and the unique spots to fish. They will put you on fish and give you a memorable day on the water.