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From Nantucket to Boston, Cape Cod to Salem, Plymouth to Gloucester, no other State in the United States has its history so intrinsically tied to fishing. Long known as a leader in commercial fishing, Massachusetts has become a haven for charter fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for year-round groundfishing charters for cod and haddock out of Gloucester, or the famous stripers and bluefish that swarm all over Massachusetts’ waters in the summer, or the massive blue fin tuna, swordfish, or sharks; the fishing grounds of Massachusetts offer some of the most fertile and productive–and exciting–fishing in the world.

Massachusetts Striped Bass Fishing

Striped Bass begin their annual northern migration in spring, finding their way in great numbers to coastal Massachusetts. “Stripers” inhabit these waters from May through October, when the cooler waters of the fall spur them to migrate south again. During these months, the action all over Massachusetts is hot. From Cape Cod to Gloucester anglers will find can’t-miss opportunities to land huge numbers of these fun and exciting fish. Virtually guaranteed to reel in fish after fish, anglers thrill to the opportunity to land a trophy striper.

Massachusetts Bluefish Fishing

Hard-fighting and aggressive, Bluefish are some of Massachusetts’ prized sport fish targets. Often caught along with Striped Bass, Bluefish migrate to the waters of Massachusetts in mid-May, and remain through the summer. Bluefish are known to bite at almost anything, and at the peak of the season, catching your limit is a common occurrence. Bluefish are found all over Massachusetts: Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Plymouth, Salem, Duxbury…you name it. Anglers from all over the world cannot resist the lure of the summer Bluefish run of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Cod and Haddock Fishing

Cod and Haddock are the iconic fish species of Massachusetts. Prized for their tender, delicately flavored meat, cod and haddock charters promise fun and excitement, often year-round. Ranging from 6 pounds, up to 25 pounds or more, a cod and haddock fishing charter off Massachusetts is a thrilling and satisfying tradition. These fish are found around all of Massachusetts coastal waters.

Massachusetts Bluefin Tuna Fishing

From the “small” schooling bluefin, averaging from 20 up to 250 pounds, to the gold-standard giant bluefin tuna, which can reach sizes upward of 1000 pounds, battling a bluefin tuna off the coast of Massachusetts is an epic battle that will not soon be forgotten. Hooking a giant bluefin promises quite a fight-often upwards of 2 hours, that will leave you exhilarated and exhausted! Although elusive at times, a successful bluefin tuna charter off Massachusetts will truly yield the catch of a lifetime!
Whatever species you target, and whichever legendary fishing community you choose, Massachusetts is sure to deliver on a promise of a great charter fishing vacation!

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